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Posted 3 December 2022

Tubs of Pip & Nut Peanut Butter 1kg - 10p @ Sainsbury's Otley West Yorkshire

£0.10£5.9598% off
In store: West Yorkshire · Sainsbury's Deals
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In store, Otley (West Yorkshire).


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    This is one of the best peanut butters I have tasted, you do need to stir it as it separates but it’s 100% natural REAL peanut butter, not processed crap like skippy or sun pat
    Agree 🏻
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    not worth even 10p
    Try posting a deal instead of daft comments.
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    What!!!!! 10p!!!! Wowzas
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    Only one on the shelf 👀 store specific and not nationwide
    Multiple on the shelf. Photo taken after people had taken some to purchase.
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    10p for that jar is definitely a price to bust a Pip & Nut over.
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    Wild goose chase
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    One on the shelf which I’m sure the poster nabbed and left empty but still posted for whatever reason.
    Multiple on the shelf (I bought two) and for the reason of sharing in this community to see if others can benefit from the deal in their region.

    Thank you for your positive contribution!
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    Don't be racist about Skippy and Sun Pat is for the whole brigade..
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    now 6.75 but seen smaller jars with a little bit of discount. Still wild goose chasing.
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    Hot! Shame it’s not nationwide!
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    Wow. Mine was cleaned out weeks ago at £2.50.
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    Let the goose chase begin.. voted hot but good luck to anyone searching
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    £6.75 in my local
    might be 10p next week
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    hot if you can get it. Good luck!
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    Got this on subscribe and save if I see it in my local im buying the lot
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    Is that the muck that has loads of salt added? I think it is, I bought some, wrongly assuming that it was peanut butter (ie peanuts) I had to pay to throw it away. We're charged for bin collections by weight. I reviewed it on Amazon as being "as welcome as a dab of faeces on a cracker."
    Ingredients: High-Oleic Peanuts (99.6%), Sea salt

    So 0.4% salt
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    Jeeeeepersssssss wow
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    I don't get posts like this, how on earth would anyone on here get that by the time they arrive at the shop? Cold.
    I've found all sorts by going and looking, and keeping an eye out for the drops in price.
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    this is still £5.75

    this is still £5.75 when I scanned it (edited)
    …..seriously, I think it’s time to give up the chase!!