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A lot of myths about her. She actually created the 'benefit leeches' of today by destroying the workface in many communities and throwing generations on the scrapheap. She believed it was a price worth paying. She also signed us over to the EU, lock, stock and barrel. She signed the treaty that pretty much handed our powers to Europe. Tories don't like to hear it but it is true. She sold off or closed down our industries.

She also pretty much created the 'greed is good' outlook that has finally led us to where we are.

A woman who had no empathy for her fellow human beings.

She cared for nobody's suffering, I won't care for hers.

Very mixed feelings about her myself.

On The Global Stage She was actually Very impressive, stood up to France and Germany in Europe, The UK really could be in a similar state to Grece is now if she had bowed down at the time... "No, No, No...". Her reaction to the Brighton Bombing was very strong, going ahead with her speech the next day, and reinforcing that Terrorism would not defeat democracy.The Falklands War gained her huge popularity, and it appeas that the campaign was completed as quickly and with as little lose of life as possible. Her relationship with Regan and Gorby really was probably the most impressive thing about her time in power, she was vital in that and the fall of Communism in USSR, etc.

Domestically I can see why she is reviled by many of the working class, particularly in The North. Very divisive, the policies she set out then have led to the rich getting richer, the poor getting poorer. Personally I think we are reaping huge problems in housing now because of the sale of council housing, started under her...some winners, many many
more losers.

I'm saying that her hard-nosed political approach changed the face of British politics and IMO she started the change of the public mindset away from a deeply socialist one into something that is more realistically aligned with the way the world really works. Politics after her era has been a completely different ballgame.

I'm not talking about specifically what any party or person has done in when in power. I wish successive governments had prime ministers with a real backbone to deal with properly handling the taxpayers' money and not squandering it on luxurious prisons, giving in to ridiculous demands from Europe, or allowing benefits leeches to exist at the expense of proper policing, education and an NHS that can serve the 'genuine' public.

I need a drink...

She died from a strike....


in a good way? expand???

She widened the gap between rich and poor, now that gap has been expanded and her protege is is making it wider........at a stroke.

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