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Tudor Pelagos Titanium Bracelet Watch M25600TN-0001

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Product specifications:

The Tudor Pelagos Titanium Bracelet Watch M25600TN-0001 is a diving watch with a focus on readability.

product specifications:

  • Designed for diving
  • Square hour markers for easy readability
  • Titanium bracelet

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Tudor Pelagos Titanium Bracelet Watch 25600TN. Readability is an essential characteristic of a good diving instrument, and the TUDOR Pelagos offers several solutions for this. The watch’s dial presents generously-sized square hour markers, complete with a large quantity of luminous material for excellent contrast. The luminescence is blue, the last colour on the spectrum to be discernible at great depths. 42mm monobloc titanium satin finished case with case back in 316L stainless steel. Titanium bracelet with steel folding clasp and unique auto-adjustable spring mechanism developed and patented by TUDOR. An additional rubber strap is provided with an extension system making it easily adjustable for all diving conditions. Screw down winding crown, triple waterproofness system. Helium escape valve. Powered by the new Manufacture TUDOR MT5612 movement with approximately 70 hours power reserve. Sapphire crystal. Waterproof to 50ATM. Complete with 2 year manufacturers guarantee and branded Tudor packaging.

  • WATCH REFERENCE - M25600TN-0001
  • CASE SIZE - 42MM

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  1. Rickardo's avatar
    "with a focus on readability"
    So why put so much darn text on the dial?!
    Rollypolly's avatar
    You forgot the diving watch.

    Basically the dive function is easy to read.
  2. Gordinho's avatar
    I'd probably bite if it was the blue faced Pelagos at this price. I prefer the look but not enough to pay the £670 difference.
    rox.co.uk/wat…072 (edited)
    b1g1an's avatar
    Obviously personal preference but the blue looks really cheap in real life.
  3. Lee689's avatar
    Great price for a Poor man Rolex!
    euphoricmess's avatar
    I assume this is tongue in cheek, but it does make me wonder why a Rich man pays 3-4 times the price just for the badge in that case....

    Perhaps its because a rolex is a poor mans AP or Lange etc
  4. jon.m's avatar
    Fully adjustable titanium bracelet, COSC movement, 500m WR and a Ceramic Bezel. For the money, YOU WILL NOT find a better spec’d watch than this.. If you have neither the passion or funds for luxury watches, or alternatively you have exceptional deep pockets, then obviously this watch will not be for you. If you are able to afford the asking price, and you want a good honest quality piece of kit, then this is a no brainer. I have owned this watch for 3 years and zero regrets and quite frankly, have fallen in love with it the more I’ve owned it.
    garga12's avatar
    Aw, Jon. It's a just watch, though.
  5. A_Gill's avatar
    99.99% of people on earth have never heard of this brand. Rolex however...

    Save up for the real thing!
    spatter's avatar
    I've heard of Rolex. And I don't want one
  6. spatter's avatar
    I found the blue a bit thin looking
    HGee's avatar
    I preferred it to the black as being a bit different. A really nice bright blue. I guess I have other black faced watches so wanted something new. Now if I can only find a good price on a white faced GS…….
  7. dellboy82's avatar
    Blue one is better as stands out more than the black but if you want the black one this is a really good price
  8. spatter's avatar
    My son has the LHD and it's a lovely watch
  9. hiburn8's avatar
    the 39 clearly left this model looking a bit awkward. still a great choice though.
    CloudHeaven's avatar
    100% this, if they bring out a blue 39 at some point it would gobble up even more sales. 
  10. Jack_Jones1508's avatar
    I don’t think the deals on anymore
    Regprentice's avatar
    Yes. The price has gone up and the deal should be expired..... Just not enough time for me to talk my wife Round to buying me one
  11. euphoricmess's avatar
    Brilliant watches - perhaps the 39 version has led to a demand shift.

    Wears really well, but is very light to the point it may put some people off. If you like to feel your dive watch on your wrist, this may not be one for you. That said, the titanium means the metal colour is superb and the dial is superb too

    Looks far better on the wrist than in the cabinet for those reasons
    Bendown's avatar
    I dont find mine particularly light, it is a fair old chunk of material and despite being titanium still weighs around 150 grams on bracelet.
  12. LifeForSale's avatar
    I wish it had cyclops date window and juiblee braclet
    euphoricmess's avatar
    You can get the 5 link on the black bay monochrome... no cyclops though
  13. Robbish_uk's avatar
    Yep, I’ve never seen a discount like this on the 42mm. A new, slimmer version coming? It won’t gain value like a Submariner, but at this price, it won’t lose much either. I’m watching a ropey scratched one on eBay at the moment and it’s approaching this price.
    spatter's avatar
    This is a true watch deal
  14. Regprentice's avatar
    5% top cashback.... Surprised there isn't an exclusion for Tudor as most jewellers exclude premium brands from cashback but as far as I can see it qualifies.
  15. gundo's avatar
    For ages I wanted an LHD of one of these but my priorities have changed and these days, shock, horror! I actually prefer the grab and go usability of a quartz watch. My favourite diver being this Scurfa titanium:


    Actually a diving watch as Paul Scurfa is a North Sea saturation diver as well as being a keen fan of watches.

    Obviously doesn't have the bragging rights of a Tudor/Rolex/Omega etc but still a solid diving watch. He chose a quartz movement as they're tougher than mechanical in actual diving conditions.
    spatter's avatar
    I've had my eyes on a Bell and Ross Type Marine in white. Quartz. Good future classic
's avatar