Tuffdisc 8x DVD-R (100 tub) £12.49 (Incl.VAT)
Tuffdisc 8x DVD-R (100 tub) £12.49 (Incl.VAT)

Tuffdisc 8x DVD-R (100 tub) £12.49 (Incl.VAT)

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The best value for money 8x DVD-R we sell...

The new Tuffdisc DVD-R is being marketed as a disc that is stronger than other discs the extra strength being attributed to an extra layer applied to the top surface to protect it.

Media manufacturers have been introducing their own innovations, mainly in the field of media surface durability. Manufacturers such as TDK with their Ultra-Durable Armor Plated Recordable DVD and Datawrite's Titanium' are two that have been hitting the headlines in the past few months. Now, CMC surges onto the scene introducing 'Tuffdisc'. Tuffdisc media has been reprinted with a tough pebbledash finish producing a media surface that is 40 times more scratch resistant and 20 times more dust resistant than standard DVD media.

Based on the highly compatible Mitsubishi dye, it offers extremely high durability, withstanding the toughest of everyday handling and abuse.

Tuffdiscs offer highly affordable pricing when compared to premium branded media such as Datawrite, Datasafe , Ridisc TDK and Verbatim.

Tuffdisc are working with CMC to produce a range of products including DVD-R, DVD+R and CDR. As you can see, the pricing is looking very competitive and if the quality is as good as other media that we have seen from the CMC factory then this media will be a big hit. Supplied in tubs of 100

The best value for money 8x DVD-R we sell. 100 tub £12.49 = 12.5p each!!


£4.96 plus VAT for shipping :-( unless you want to collect from store in Edinburgh

£5.83 shipping, UKDVDR.co.uk has the most extortinate P+P of any of the companies. My last order from them had over £7.00 P+P even though I thought it would be £6.00. They love to add VAT on afterwards.

They fail to mention these are overprints

I think Bigpockets is selling Taiyo DVD's for cheaper
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