Tulips Bouquet & Continental (780g) - Half Price £30 @ Thorntons

Tulips Bouquet & Continental (780g) - Half Price £30 @ Thorntons

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Found 9th Feb 2010
In a Valentines shopping mood today so I would advise a quick trip to Thorntons.

This Continental Chocs and Tulips Bouquet is Half Price at £30, may seem like a lot for some but consider the original price, the ease of ordering and its Thorntons. It will look good on Sunday and may be worth the brownie points.

Plus there are a couple of offers on encase you want something different


Kinda steep! Why not get the M&S Fair trade dozen (delivered on Valentines Day) for £19.50 and then buy a 621g box of Thortons in Tesco for £6?


assuming the chocs are a tenner, since when did a bouquet of tulips cost £50?

about £8 for a big bunch in my local florist!

Hi, these look lovely but I can't make them deliver for less than £6.95 - is this the same for everyone. Oh and don't forget Quidco and the code to get the free 385g (I think) box.
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