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Sunday - Friday Jan 2016 stays at Edinburgh Haymarket Tune Hotel - £15 per night (Newcastle / Liverpool £20)
Found 23rd Dec 2015Found 23rd Dec 2015
Sunday - Friday Jan 2016 stays at Edinburgh Haymarket Tune Hotel - £15 per night (Newcastle / Liverpool £20)
Available now for bookings from Jan 3rd to Jan 31st 2016 excluding Saturdays. Starting rate is £15 for the windowless double. Newcastle & Liverpool coming in at £20 for window… Read more

Nice find


Brilliant - thank you, work night out sorted

Tune Hotel central Edinburgh many nights £20.15 a night in January, £22 in February possibly later months too
Found 20th Sep 2014Found 20th Sep 2014
Tune Hotel central Edinburgh many nights £20.15 a night in January, £22 in February possibly later months too
Website awkward to use, found putting in that you want to stay for 10 days is the best, that way you can see pries for each of the 10 days. I stayed in one at King's Cross once and… Read more

They are still showing cheap. I'm looking on my phone, dunno if that makes any difference


I booked 2nd and 3rd Jan. I'll. Have another look


it's probably £200 for 10 nights? you're only putting 10 nights in so that you can browse which night will be cheap easily, as it's a badly designed site.


18 feb , 1 night, 22 quid


London Hotel £20.15 per room with tunehotels
Found 19th Sep 2014Found 19th Sep 2014
London Hotel £20.15 per room with tunehotels
Tune Hotel are offering en-suite rooms For £20.15 for stays in January 2015 -lots of availability and ok if you just need somewhere to sleep add on a 24hr comfort set for £10 gives… Read more

They don't do family rooms ?:( Heat given though x


How are you guys getting the 20 deal? mine coming up over 100


Good deal, especially for uber-central Westminster! They are lovely posh hotels despite the no windows, much nicer than any Travelodge and nicer than a lot of Premier Inns. Very stylish. Most annoying feature for me is no free TV or kettle.


It just wont feel the same half inching the towels if you pay extra for them ): Heat anyway tho as handy for shows. I usually pay £50 with pals.


Westminster hotel Double Room (without windows) - oO a bit pricey for one nights stay in a prison cell, anyways 20 quid is 20 quid, heat added

Tune Hotel central Newcastle many rooms £10 a night from January onwards
Found 18th Sep 2014Found 18th Sep 2014
Tune Hotel central Newcastle many rooms £10 a night from January onwards
Newly opened Tune Hotel has cheap rooms available to book now to stay from 15 November 2014 until June next year. Website awkward to use, found putting in that you want to stay for… Read more

Sounds good to me nice cheap hotel for the Xmas party. Cheaper than getting a taxi home


just read Tuna Hotel


Stayed in tune at Edinburgh , very nice hotel


stag and hen hole

Tune Hotels  £15/night in London (January 2014)
Found 1st Apr 2013Found 1st Apr 2013
Tune Hotels £15/night in London (January 2014)
Stay period for UK hotels: Tune Hotel Westminster, London: 2 - 31 Jan 2014 (Stays for Sundays to Thursdays only) Tune Hotel Liverpool Street, London: 2 - 19 Jan 2014 Tune Hotel Pad… Read more
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Stayed in London & Edinburgh and will use again


Booked and stayed in these around Asia - great value for money. They charge for all extra things - if you just want somewhere to put your head down, then this is the place for you....


Three days Mon- Thurs booked mid Jan £15 a night Paddington. RESULT.


Stayed in liverpool street one, though its not actaully in liverpool street, its still im a great location. Nice clean roons, yes you pay for extras if you want them. And why not. I dont want them so dont want to pay! The liverpool hotel is in the jack the ripper area, great to have a walk about! And wander round the back streets. In the daytime of course!


just checked, still Available from 12-16 January and 19 January at Liverpool street 5-9 January, 16, 19, 23 January at Westminister

Tune hotels London/Edinburgh save 15% on your stay
Found 11th Mar 2013Found 11th Mar 2013
Tune hotels London/Edinburgh save 15% on your stay
Between 11 – 24 March, exclusive 15% off normal room prices at any of our hotels in the UK for immediate stays until 31 August 2013. Key in the promotional code ESICAMP13 in the … Read more
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Discount only valid Sunday to Thursday stays and 15 per cent not that grate. Can get better rates with IHG 2 for 1 night stays which can include weekend stays. Cold from me.

Tune Hotels from £20
Found 20th Dec 2012Found 20th Dec 2012
Tune Hotels from £20
London and Edinburgh hotels from £20 per night. Sun-Thurs only. Just booked two nights in London Kings Cross in January for £40. All have great trip advisor reviews.

I booked 29th-30th-31st jan 2013 at King's cross Tune for £87 . I was expecting to have room with no windows ( according to the information on the hotel's page ) They gave me a room in 4th floor with windows and street view .I think I got lucky but no hair dryer no tv and no internet you have to pay extra for these .


"Blackout dates apply" Well that will be for rooms with no windows I presume




I booked 13th and 14th Jan at £22 a night. Return train fare from Manchester was £18. So works out £40 each for 2 days away. Some people including myself work Saturdays so the deal is perfect for us. Have stayed in an easyhotel with no window numerous times, it isnt too bad. £40 a night in central London is still a good price for a hotel with reviews as good as this. I understand it's not for everyone but thought it was worth sharing for the people who can make use of it. Not everyone works Mon-Fri


£20 for edinburgh, £40 for London and not at weekends - in a room with no windows, lukewarm at best for me.

Rooms at Tune Hotel (Heymarket, Edinburgh branch only) from £5 as opening offer
Found 6th Oct 2012Found 6th Oct 2012
Rooms at Tune Hotel (Heymarket, Edinburgh branch only) from £5 as opening offer
Looks like for Jan-April 2013 stays. As opening offer the Edinburgh branch are offering rooms from £5 To get rooms from a fiver, need to book just the one night, thanks JohnnyL f… Read more

Have booked it, cheap deal, if you're going Edinburgh presumably you're not going to be spending all day in the hotel anyway, just need somewhere to crash. Combine this with the cheap east coast train tickets and you've got a cheap night away.


lol. no probs.x


Thanks for this info.x


Bl**dy Pipes !


TY poster booked for March £5.09(9p Visa fee lol)

£9 rooms at Tune Hotel London Kings Cross
Found 18th Apr 2012Found 18th Apr 2012
£9 rooms at Tune Hotel London Kings Cross
Tune Hotels are offering £9 rooms at their new hotel in Kings Cross between 9th July and 28th Feb. You may have to do a few searches to find £9 rooms but they are available.
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I read it as 12 noon as it stated 7pm Kuala Lumpar time who are ahead of us. Whichever way - I booked one. you're better checking Facebook as there is more info there. More rooms released as follows : 18 April: Stays in July – August 20 April: Stays in September – December 23 April: Stays in January – February 2013


Hot! Booked 2 nights 20-22nd August no added extras. £18 2 nights, that ain't bad, thanks OP.


Surely your not going to find one for £9 if the offer doesn't start till 12pm 18 April.... or am I reading it wrong (probably) http://www.tunehotels.com/kings-cross-pre-sale


Well it wasn't a con for me. I've just got back from 2 nights in the Tune Hotel at Liverpool St. 2p per night. I thought I would give this one a go at 12ish and thought I would check Sundays and Mondays at random as previously those have been the most available on the offer. Nothing. I then saw on Facebook that the £9 rooms today are only in July and August. In 2 days they release dates for other later months and in 2 more days for even later months (can't remember exact months). So I tried a random date in August and got a room straight away. After I paid I checked the date and it was a Friday night. Bingo. Some time later I checked the Saturday night after the Friday I had booked and that was available too. However, as mentioned, it won't let you book more than one night on the promo per account so I had to let that go. I already have an account so there was no issue with lengthy form filling.


Just a con, you find a £9 room and then have to register by filling in a lengthy form included questions such as what is your salary etc. (im sure Uk data protection law forbids taking more personal information than is required for the purpose!) Then after that it redirects you to their homepage and the £9 room has gone! Useless! Its one big con to get your personal details.

New Tune Hotel London Paddington £60 twin room during the Olympics, £9 other dates
Found 21st Mar 2012Found 21st Mar 2012
New Tune Hotel London Paddington £60 twin room during the Olympics, £9 other dates
Recieved an email a couple of days ago from Tune saying they are launching a new hotel in Paddington, London in June and they have £9 rooms from 28 June 2012 - 28 Feb 2013 (must be… Read more
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just booked for the Olympics, first weekend in August, for the £60 per night, room for 2 with Windows. I've been waiting for them to release the Paddington bookings. they have another opening in London soon on the same rates. super deal, brand new hotel tiny rooms but it's all you need


Bignigglet, did you add 2 nights? I just searched 27 July and it came back £60 for 1 night, £120 for 2 for twin (with windows)


A room without windows, no thanks


Can't find a £9 room, so can't be bothered. At least other chains give you a clue when the cheaper rooms are available.


cant find

Tune Hotel, Liverpool Street, London. *starts tomorrow* 2p a room!!!!
Found 10th Oct 2011Found 10th Oct 2011
Tune Hotel, Liverpool Street, London. *starts tomorrow* 2p a room!!!!
I have stayed in Tune Hotels in Georgetown, Penang, and was a great product for the price I paid. They market themselves as 5* product, 1* price which is a stretch, but very good n… Read more
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I had a fantastic stay for 2p, and even had a window. I pity those that gave up when they kept being released.


Went on the site at 8am this morning, first date I checked was January 4th, got myself a 2p room. No problems with website being slow either. Just need someone to go with now!


complete waste of time


got 20th jan ... anybody got a saturday booking?


No, you just have to keep digging, it will show up as a 0.02 promo rate. They seem to be keep releasing them.

Tune Hotels - Malaysia rooms from £0.40 - London rooms from £50!
Found 22nd May 2011Found 22nd May 2011
Tune Hotels - Malaysia rooms from £0.40 - London rooms from £50!
Grab the deal now, price as low as £0.40 for rooms in Malaysia and £50 for rooms in London. Booking Period: NOW - 3 June 2011 Staying Period: March 2012 - May 2012
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You've must have missed them (or didn't realise oO). Prostitution and ladyboys are as rife in Malaysian cities as they are in Thailand.



Last time I had a cheap room in a tropical country it was swarming with huge cockroaches.... I don't expect the hilton for 40p but there are limits. Maybe ok for those born in countries where standards are different though.;)


No, but get a room in Malaysia for 40p and you will still have 60p change from a quid - that will get you at least 3 hookers*! *WARNING: They may have man tackle.....


Its just short of 5 MYR for a quid

£10 London Hotel rooms in Dec/Jan/Feb, also Malaysia and Bali cheap @ Tunehotels
Found 21st Feb 2011Found 21st Feb 2011
£10 London Hotel rooms in Dec/Jan/Feb, also Malaysia and Bali cheap @ Tunehotels
I know they aren't the most luxurious rooms in the world, but if you can plan ahead they're a good deal. RM 1.00 for Malaysia Hotels, Rp 10,000 for Bali. Prices are available fro… Read more

I am writing this from one of the rooms now, It is a very compact hotel room but for the money you can't go wrong. They charge extra for everything. It's £1.50 just for a towel for the night. I can see why they do it as it is a pretty good location to visit London. If you come by tube then get off at Lambeth North then turn right. It is just across the street.


I can't find any for around new year, I guess I missed the boat. :(


got london for new years eve for a tenner earlier on...walking distance from the london eye as well :p


Thanks for the post. Just bagged a London Hotel room next December for £10


The prices are live now if anybody can make use of them.......

Tune Hotels Westminster London .Brand New Double Room only £9 ! per night for the 24th -29th AUG 2010
Found 19th Aug 2010Found 19th Aug 2010
Tune Hotels Westminster London .Brand New Double Room only £9 ! per night for the 24th -29th AUG 2010
Brand New Hotel in the Center of London Tune Hotels Westminster London Double Room only £9 per night from the 24th - 29th AUG 2010 Tune Hotels.com – Westminster 118-120 Westminste… Read more

there website is a bit pants it if you can't find a room on the date you require you have to start again GRRR


Great prices. Hope these spread throughout the UK. Although I must say, a room without a window sounds a little grim. :D The only downside might be, is that they're so cheap, they'll be full of p*ssed up idiots on stag dos and the like.


Tune group is imitating whatever Virgin is doing (Air Asia, Tune Hotel, Tune Mobile). Anyway, that's good.. Because the price is obviously cheaper than what we can get from Virgin. Asian companies are all blooming now!


^^ I think the poster meant the travel rather than the accommodation.


Hi,sorry but I think you might be pushing your luck trying to get a cheaper deal.But good luck and all the best to you ,and let us know if you succeed.

1p-per-night offer @ Tune Hotel, London
Found 12th Aug 2010Found 12th Aug 2010
1p-per-night offer @ Tune Hotel, London
Tune Hotels.com promotes first London property with 1p-per-night offer. imited period offer of 1,000 rooms available for a penny per night from 30 Aug Onward. None available - mac… Read more

The Tune Hotel Westminster does not officially until the 30th August......unless you mean the Far East reviews? If you are expecting the Ritz for a penny then you will be disappointed. Some people turn their noses up at Travelodge who I think are OK. I rather have my own private en suite rom than some dodgy hostel room. I am sure the rooms are tiny but I am short anyway :p


Or unlucky if you believe some of the reviews !


Yup 1p sales ended weeks ago. £9 rooms have been on sale for a few days now, you would be lucky to find any left!


I think it's safe to expire!


Has anyone ever actually stayed in any of these hotels? The one in London seems to be the first in the UK and doesn't open until 30th August.

Tunehotels.com *****star beds at *star prices
Found 11th Aug 2010Found 11th Aug 2010
Tunehotels.com *****star beds at *star prices
Sometimes, all you really need from a hotel is a hot shower and a good night's rest without risking robbery either stepping out of the room, or paying the bill upon check-out. Our … Read more
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£9 link HERE


Booked London Westminster for £9 a night - Sun and Mon night but in Aug 2011 though! :) Bargain!


Have stayed at the Tune Hotel KLIA many times. It's very convenient & great value for an overnight stay between flights but I wouldn't recommend it for anyone needing to stay for more than 2 nights or wanting to visit KL city. The qickest way into town is by KLIA Ekspres train but the cost (£14 return) will soon outweigh any hotel savings. Buses are much cheaper (about £4 return) but it's a 2 hour journey either way at peak times.


You can get good deals for the hotel, depending on dates and whether you book early enough before the server crashes.


Or the exchange rate may have moved affecting the price?

£9 double rooms at London Tune Hotel May to Sept 2011
Found 9th Aug 2010Found 9th Aug 2010
£9 double rooms at London Tune Hotel May to Sept 2011
www.tunehotels.com. Thanks to Bob the Saver on MSE for the info. £9 double rooms at the Tune hotel due to open the end of this month (aug 2010) for next year May-Sept 2011. The ho… Read more

It looks like Ryan Air for hotels. You pay for your luggage, to have towels and to have your room cleaned. How much to use the toilet?


Most not applicable for one nights stays or in the UK so won't kill someone to bring a towel I reckon. Good deal so voted hot but not my cup of tea, I'm a 4* and above girl


Don't Tunes charge for silly "add-ons" like room cleaning, towels, etc?


even at that price this is a brilliant offer you know. We normally stay at the Strand Palace hotel and pay around £100 a night which is a lot but we pay for the location


Slightly dearer but double room with a window Sat 16th July and Sat 23rd July 2011 £16.75. Most Sats in August 2011 are £16.75 currently, but you seem to need to book one night and one room to get this deal.