Tunnocks Milk Chocolate Tea Cakes £3 @ Asda

Tunnocks Milk Chocolate Tea Cakes £3 @ Asda

Found 24th Jan 2015
Big box of Tunnocks tea cakes from Asda in Widnes. 36 in the box. £3.00. Don't know how much previously but seems like a good deal. They had at least 20 boxes.


Time to get fat

Heaven in a box!

they were £6 before xmas

I pay 85p for 6 in Home Bargains so this is a great deal!

I pay £1.60 for 12 in Iceland and Farmfoods so this is a good deal. I love 'em!!

Type 2 Diabetes in 5...4...3...2...1..

what was the use by / best before date please?

Whaaaaaat just bought box of 6 or 8..... Ate the lot

Great offer but won't be buying as I'd no doubt eat them all then regret it.

They were £6, so great deal

That's a big box of tea cakes!

mega heat

not in Plymouth

Perfect with a giant mug of coffee

was £3 before xmas as well. the mother got a box, they didn't make it to ne years :@

Nooooo I'm on a diet :-(
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