Turbo Downloader - Amerigo: Download any kind of files from internet for iOS -  FREE today

Turbo Downloader - Amerigo: Download any kind of files from internet for iOS - FREE today

Found 28th Mar 2013
Turbo Downloader Amerigo is the faster downloader of the AppStore thanks to the 'turbo' technology, that speeds up your downloads up to 300%!

Downloading any kind of files is very simple:

1. Visit your favorite sites using the integrated multi-tab browser
2. Start a video, play an audio, select a photo or document on the website.
3. Tap on the download button that automatically appears.
4. Archive downloads on your iDevice or move them to Dropbox.

It is possbile to set a password to protect and hide one or more archive folders.

Full integration with the cloud service "Dropbox" allows you to quickly store the downloaded files without taking up space on your device and listen or watch them in streaming!
You can also add more than a Dropbox account to increase your space on the cloud!

You can start multiple simultaneous downloads, pause, restart.

You can create mixed playlists of audio and video files. The execution of the playlist will continue in background.

You can access your archive also from your PC or MAC using high speed wifi connection or USB cable (with iTunes)

You can use an ear pod remote controller to manage your playlist.

Main features:

- Ultra fast downloading (speed up 300%!!)
- Autodetect video and audio file link as soon as you start them
- Multi-tab fast internet browsing
- Private browsing mode
- "Readability" feature for easy reading of sites.
- Slide Show to move quickly from one site to another.
- Integration with the Dropbox Cloud service for remote file storing.
- Download Manager with pause and resume downloads feature
- Advanced PDF and eBook reader with miniatures, air print and bookmarks.
- PDF Virtual printer to turn any webpage into a PDF file.
- Support for all Microsoft Office files.
- Simultaneous management of multiple Dropbox accounts and management of Dropbox folders shared with other users.
- Real-time streaming of media files stored in your Dropbox account.
- Enhanced bookmarks and history management.
- URL autocomplete and search suggestions
- Quick search
- Web URL forwarding by email.
- Mixed audio/video playlist creation
- Playlist playback in background (also with device locked)
- Multimedia achive with folders and subfolders capabilities.
- PIN to hide selected folders
- Preview feature for video and audio files. Direct access to the playlist.
- You can save photos and videos into the camera roll.

Video file download:
- Almost all video sharing sites are supported.
- Automatic detection of video content on the web page with direct download button.
- You can Watch your downloaded video without being connected to the internet.
- All standard video formats are supported: mp4, mov, m4v, 3gp, mpeg
- Playlist feature to sequentially play the downloaded videos

Mp3 files download:
- Almost all mp3 sharing sites are supported.
- It is possbile to hear the songs without being connected to the internet.
- you can download mp3 files from the web with a single tap
- Playlist feature to sequentially play the mp3 files.

Documents download:
- Direct download feature for Microsoft Office files (doc. xls, ppt)
- Direct download of PDF and eBook.
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Just downloaded this, and it's absolutely great!
I have been looking for something like this for ages.
Exactly what I wanted. X)
Voted hot!
Thanks OP.
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