Turf £4 at Homebase Croydon

Turf £4 at Homebase Croydon

Found 28th Apr
Spotted in Croydon Homebase today.

Plenty in stock

Good price for this quality.
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Can't believe it's still daylight in Croydon 😁
£4 is not cheap for turf, normal Homebase price. Wait until the day before they get a new delivery and it drops massively, I've seen it for £1 a roll at Homebase Whitby.
Travis Perkins sell for £2.50.
Seems expensive, look online and you can get as low as £2.50 before quantity discounts. Although not bad if you need only a few rolls I guess.
Not a great price sorry. Cold.
£4 is the highest price I have ever seen for a roll of turf
Our local store often leave a pallet of free turf out overnight.
This is expensive. Go to an actual turf producer and get it cheaper.
Go to any Range store with garden dept. £3.99 on Sun/Mon and drops to £1.99 tue/wed then to 99p Thurs. this happens every week. The weather we've been having lately, it's still fine on Friday.
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