turkey going cheap! iceland instore £5

turkey going cheap! iceland instore £5

Found 4th FebMade hot 4th Feb
Iceland luxury turkey down from £24 to a fiver, 2 left in London road romford store, assume national as crimbo clearance stock. July use by date.


Saw it yesterday for £15. Fiver blOdy BARGAIN! Nice spot Op HEAT

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if I had a bigger freezer I would have had all 3! did have some turkey joints down from 10 to 5 but this was a no brainer

Turkey usually goes gobble gobble.

On a side note, Christmas cakes are still £3.75 in my local Iceland!

Typical. Could have done with this 5 weeks ago.
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A Turkey's not just for Christmas then..!!!

Dose anyone know Ifs it's nation wide pleases

Picked one up thanks - 2 in stock at the time - Manager's Special @ £5. Had to rearrange my freezer to get it in! And in response to another comment on here - xmas cakes I noticed were also still marked up as £3.75.

Any canaries going cheap?

Where do fly from?

Where do you fly from ? (better? my English not good...).


Turkey usually goes gobble gobble.

​And a chomp chomp to you.

great deal

I also bought one yesterday. Didn't post it as it was the only one there and said managers special so thought maybe store specific but obviously must be national


Dose anyone know Ifs it's nation wide pleases

Our store had these at half price (7.50) couple of weeks ago so it looks like they are shifting them at different prices according to individual stores overstock.
I didn't bother to post it as I thought everybody would be sick of Turkey by now to be honest.

they had around ten in Norwich on Friday, I wanted 3 the wife says no because it's going orange slices on it, ffs woman

At last a groceries deal that everybody can find.
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