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Mumbai return from Birmingham/London in February £338 Turkish Airlines
Found 11th Oct 2018Found 11th Oct 2018
Just booked a return flight to Mumbai for £338 - similar price from London too. There's only a short stop in Istanbul (2hrs 40mins), leave on 24th Feb, come back on 10th March or … Read more
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No i must admit i have not, this trip will be my first on the dreamliner 787, so lets hope my experience with them this year will be better. Most of my Air India flights have been internal ones apart from one flight from Delhi to London


Wherever happened to Bombay and Peking?


They do change quite regularly and have to keep watching the prices... I have picked up tickets for around 400-425 coming back just after the school holidays


Thanks for the tip - Turkish airlines did prompt for a £30 charge per person per flight for picking your own seat. Later found out about the 100 days thing (nerd)


You think Turkish airlines are better than AI!!Have you travelled in AI new planes? They are amazing.

Edinburgh, Scotland to Bangkok, Thailand for only £353 roundtrip
On Turkish airways
Found 9th Oct 2018Found 9th Oct 2018
Cheap flights from Edinburgh, Scotland to Bangkok, Thailand for only £353 roundtrip with Turkish Airlines. DEPART: Edinburgh, UK ARRIVE: Bangkok, Thailand RETURN: Edinburgh, UK … Read more

You've left it a bit late. Best booking at least 4 months in advance if you can.


I have been trying to get flights from around 15 December to the 15 January and some are double this price might change my dates great f


Not that great a price. I normally get flights for around £310-£350 with Qatar airways


Bad stop over very long wait

London, UK to Beirut, Lebanon for only £199 round trip @ Turkish Airlines
Found 29th Sep 2018Found 29th Sep 2018
Cheap flights from London, UK to Beirut, Lebanon for only £199 roundtrip with Turkish Airlines. DEPART: London, UK ARRIVE: Beirut, Lebanon RETURN: London, UK DATES: Limited availab… Read more

Their long haul service is better. Europe comes under short haul.


Agree but I find they are just an average airline seem to lack the 5 star they brag about.


I have flown Turkish 3 times this year. Good experience. Istanbul airport is a mess, bursting at the seams, but a new airport is supposed to be open a month from now to replace the current one.


An incredible city. Vibrant and so endearing, with some of the best food and entertainment I've experienced. And yes, if the place hadn't taken your heart, the women will.


Struggling to comprehend the lack of intelligence of some people. Please try and keep up with the times. Seriously looking to book, thanks OP.

Turkish Airlines 15% discount with mobile app
Found 22nd Sep 2018Found 22nd Sep 2018
Fly with 15% discount exclusive to the mobile app. Christmas and easter holiday periods are excluded. Terms and conditions apply.
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They do in UK, and UK don't care where you fly these dates.


Why are Christmas and Easter excluded? They don't celebrate either in Turkey :D


Surprised by the criticism of Turkish Airlines cabin crew. I have had 12 long haul flights with TAL into and out of Istanbul and always found them well trained and efficient. Are you sure your son was not referring to BA long haul crew many of whom would fit that description.


The probable reason is the discount is only on the airline price for the flight, and not on the tax and airport fees. Depending on start - finish destinations, these can vary enormously. Bought some long haul tickets a few days ago that come with a complete price breakdown; out of the heavily discounted price of £340, only £89 was air fare; the rest was taxes and airport fees. A similar flight, going through a different intermediate airport had nearly the same total, but the air fare was £190, and the taxes much lower.- However, you couldnt pay me to fly TA, worst safety record of any airline in Europe, and (according to my son who HAS flown them), staff who would have been sacked by Aeroflot in the 1970's for being too hostile and impolite.


i tried on long haul flights and only got 6£ discount on 367£ flights which is clearly not 15%. so big COLD from me..

Free Organised Tours of Istanbul if you have a 6-24 hour Stopover with Turkish Airlines
Found 21st Sep 2018Found 21st Sep 2018
Thought this deal might be be useful for anyone already booked to fly with Turkish Airlines or planning to book flights and want to get a taster of this amazing city. The airline … Read more

The E-visa is £16($20)


This is not a new service. Your interpretation of the service is completely wrong.


Yes, easy online e-visa for £15 but ask airline they might offer free transit visa at airport too


Btw, if you fly with Qatar airways, you get a free transit visa and one night's hotel stay.


Yep, online is cheaper than visa on arrival.

2 IN 1 TRIP: UK cities to Istanbul, Turkey & Kuwait from only £177 roundtrip

On Turkish Airways
Found 17th Sep 2018Found 17th Sep 2018
2 in 1 trip… Fly from UK cities to Istanbul, Turkey and Kuwait from only £177 roundtrip with Turkish Airlines. Depart from: London: £177 Birmingham: £216 Manchester: £232 DEPART:… Read more

Istanbul at tat urk airport is moving to new airport next year so you may be bargaining for a souvenir too


People who own the travel scaremongering 101 rulebook are some of the saddest/funniest online. (:I


paris london and brussels are far more dangerous than istanbul by the way!


Istanbul is safe. Went there in Jan , lot of armed security about for your safety.


Turkey & Kuwait are quite peaceful countries, I think you're mistaking them for Iraq, Syria, Libya, Egypt or Israel?

15% discount when booking for flights using new Turkish airline app
Found 17th Jan 2018Found 17th Jan 2018
Turkish airline have sent promotional email offering 15% discount on flights booked between 18th- 20th January using their new app. T&C apply.
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The discount offer is only applied to the base fare. Seems a little misleading...


How long does this run for? Is it all the way off the runway? XD


I got to the payment page and it offered less than 5% off.


Yep, think its available to everyone as I got a message about it on the App (Android) after downloading before even logging in.

£249 Manchester to Kuala Lumpur Turkish Airlines November (15 days stay)
Found 6th May 2016Found 6th May 2016
£249 Manchester to Kuala Lumpur Turkish Airlines November (15 days stay)
This is a great deal for someone wanting to visit Malaysia.The country has loads to offer, from rain forests to beautiful beaches and is a great haunt for foodies. I was researchi… Read more

You need hold travelling to Malaysia due tormoli of over throwing the government due PM has been involved 1 billion scandal bank in to his personnel account and have got his Muslims friends - Saudi's to claim that it's a donation from them. http://www.wsj.com/specialcoverage/malaysia-controversy http://www.wsj.com/specialcoverage/malaysia-controversy


You're right, point taken. Am sure it is a good airline.


Sorry who said Turkish Airlines isn't the best? It was rated the 4th best airline for 2015 according to Skytrax. There is nothing wrong with it at all. As somebody who has 80,000+ airline miles with them they are the only airlines I'll use anymore. Cheaper than most, good food, young fleet, brilliant airport lounges in IST. OP I can only guess you've never actually flown with them.


https://www.outrightinternational.org/content/malaysia-prime-ministers-remarks-threat-human-rights-all Prime Minister said, “any deviant aspects such as liberalism, pluralism and Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) would not have a place in the country.” http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/the-13-countries-where-being-an-atheist-is-punishable-by-death-a6960561.html


Nothing at those prices. Cheapest during November (on matrix view) is £386 booking direct. THY are good to fly with - got one of the newest fleets and onboard service is good. Long gone are the days when we used to say THY stood for They Hate You :)

Return flights to Turkey @ £120 @ Turkish Airlines
Found 19th Sep 2015Found 19th Sep 2015
Return flights to Turkey @ £120 @ Turkish Airlines
Can get various dates in November and next year from Edinburgh to Istanbul for £160... other airports down south are offering it £120! Decent airline too, flew with them once befo… Read more
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Just re read what i said and dint put what i meant lol, i know theyd be talking in turkish but tutting and carrying on at us because we didnt understand... Thats not our problem!


Flying with a Turkish airline to Turkey, what language did you expect them to use?


​How dare Turkish Airline serve Turkish style good. Go with BA & get fish & chips on board


Sorry to disagree with the above posters, but I flew with them a couple of months ago to Kenya via Istanbul, and found them excellent. The gluten free meal was the best I have had on an aircraft, and the Turkish Delight was a nice touch. The cabin service was better than most airlines I have flown with in recent years and the airfares are usually very competitive.


Didnt have a meal on board so dont know about that. We booked our seats as was travelling with a 2 year so didnt want to end up sitting seperate... Got on board and they wanted all 3 of us to sit far apart!! Shouting at us in turkish and tutting because we didnt understand what they were saying!

Manchester to Tokyo from September 29th various dates Via Turkish airlines
Found 14th Aug 2015Found 14th Aug 2015
Manchester to Tokyo from September 29th various dates Via Turkish airlines
Hi I booked a flight 06/10/2015 to 21/10/2015 from Manchester to Tokyo, £377 with quidco cashback via Turkish airlines. Its slightly cheaper from London I believe. You can also… Read more

I had 8 hours at Istanbul airport. Get a lounge pass to waste some time.


More than likely


Can you take a few days in Istanbul and then continue on to Tokyo?


8 hours in turkey waiting not a 23 hour flight haha


£382 without quidco

Fly to Abu Dhabi from £287 with Turkish Airlines
Found 30th Apr 2015Found 30th Apr 2015
Fly to Abu Dhabi from £287 with Turkish Airlines
Abu Dhabi : Term for Special Offer Departure Period: : 11 April 2015 - 30 November 2015 This promotion isn't valid between these dates : 22 June 2015-24 June 2015 & 15 July 2… Read more

Youre welcome. I'm sure he'll have a great time and it will be a great experience as well as tax free salary. And of course, cheap holiday for you :D


Ah thank you, its just you have images that are not really a true representation of living out there, thank you for taking the time to reply x Only 3 more weeks and hes off :( I feel a little better having read your response ;)


I dont have an iphone but my android (sony) works fine with great signal and my uk provider is O2. Abu is much more westernised these days but still not as much as dubai. The basics are locals are mostly very tolerant and welcoming but be respectful of their culture and beliefs, ie don't be out snogging in public, walking around drunk and loud, be dressed in public spaces (not shirts off walking the street or shops etc. Beach is obviously fine) watch the language etc........ There are the odd few that will think of us as unwelcome scum, just ignore as an argument or flippant comment could lead to police taking him away. Rare as rocking horse but..... It's very clean there in most places, tons of building work going on, still loads of bars to drink in (at the hotels) and loads of ex pats there.


My son is flying to Abu Dhabi at the end of September, to work for a company called DeVere. Its been manic, can you confirm a few things please, is your fone ok there we have been told iphones dont work so well ? Any info about this country would be very helpful. if you wouldnt mind thank you


Expired as booking period ended on 30th I'm in abu at the moment, plenty to do here if you want and a ton of good restaurants and bars for evenings out. As for the deal flight, good price but I'd prefer to pay a bit more and fly direct rather than via Istanbul. Current flight here with BA was only just over £350

Flights from London to Istanbul for only £87 – round trip incl. taxes with Turkish Airlines
Found 18th Feb 2013Found 18th Feb 2013
Flights from London to Istanbul for only £87 – round trip incl. taxes with Turkish Airlines
Turkish Airlines is offering flights from London Gatwick to Istanbul (Sabiha Gökçen) for only £87 - round trip incl. taxes and baggage fees. You can find flights from September to… Read more
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Cold in the winter? Really?? Who'd have thought it.


Hi like to thank Holidaypirates saved money plus normally had to go to Luton for the cheap flights from e/jet this was cheaper nearer airport to were we live, better time of day so no need for overnight hotel stay in Luton prefer Gatwick anyway so all round a Winner thanks again <3




BLUE MOSQUE (amazingly beautiful), underground Roman water cisterns, Topkapi Palace, Haghia Sophia (St. Sophia). These are all within minutes walking distance from each other (Topkapi Palace a bit further but still in the same area). Also the markets. Great city - Enjoy!


Booked for 5 nights. Any ideas of cheap but decent hotels etc near the airport? or cheap hotels close to tourist sites? As i'm only going for a few days, which are the main sites I should visit? Anyone?

Turkish Airlines Valentines Day offer - Buy a full fare ticket and an extra person travels for just 1 Euro !
Found 11th Jan 2013Found 11th Jan 2013
Turkish Airlines Valentines Day offer - Buy a full fare ticket and an extra person travels for just 1 Euro !
Valentine’s gift from Miles&Smiles! Pay only 1 Euro for the person you’re with for all flights departing from Istanbul between February, 9-15th. Terms and Conditions: •Valent… Read more

So you have to fly FROM Istanbul????? Freeeezing.


Thanks for this great deal! It has been featured over on the HUKD blog PLAYPENNIES[image missing]


I like Turkey airlines. This airlines is best for flights.


That guy is so deluded its alarming!


Why don't you just shut up and go back to your hole ? Either talk about the deal or just shut up, no one wants to know your views about the world.

Edinburgh to Istanbul Special Offer £179 Return Turkish Airlines
Found 5th Dec 2012Found 5th Dec 2012
Edinburgh to Istanbul Special Offer £179 Return Turkish Airlines
Istanbul : Term for Special Offer Travel Period: 08.01.2013 - 15.03.2013 Purchasing Period: 04.12.2012 - 18.12.2012 Advance Ticketing: Tickets must be purchased within 3 day(s)… Read more
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yeah turkish


Turkish Airlines? This is so good offer. Best thing about the Turkish airlines they fly straight away to Istanbul all the other companies use transfer flight which makes the journey around 8 9 hours quickest it can go up to 15 16 hours depends on the next flight you get.


Found tickets from Bham to Istanbul for £160 each!!! soooo tempting In March 2013

City Trip: 5 Days Istanbul, Flight+Hotel from £218pp @ Turkish Airlines
Found 30th Aug 2012Found 30th Aug 2012
City Trip: 5 Days Istanbul, Flight+Hotel from £218pp @ Turkish Airlines
Fly with Turkish Airlines from London to Istanbul (return) for £146 including taxes and check-in baggage. Turkish Airlines was named the Best Airline Europe in 2011. The fare is av… Read more
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Great deal, booked for the family thanks OP. Just need a decent place to stay now!


i arranged it with a shop on the day i was leaving. was a travel agent or something. theres many of them in the sultanhamet area. my hotel one was about £20 also for 3-4 people so it might be worth it if you have that many people.


Did you arrange that with the hotel before going there or just on the dat ? I contacted hotel and they said its 20 pounds from airport to hotel.


airport transfer: cost me £5 which is about 13 liras from hotel to airport. picked me up from hotel. was a mini bus shuttle with other passengers. takes about 45 mins.


it will cost 4 lira (£1.50) from ataturk airport to sultanahmet take metro (underground ) from havalimani - zeytinburnu take tram from zeytinburnu - sultanahmet takes about one hour. buy a coin at the station for 2 lira. machine called jetonmatik or buy card called istanbulkart (around 7 liras) for even cheaper fares.