Turners Chocolate Assortment 300g £1 @ Poundland

Turners Chocolate Assortment 300g £1 @ Poundland

Found 20th Sep 2012
300g bag of assorted , high quality branded mis-shape chocolates. A mixture of filled, whole milk, white and dark chocolates
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bit of a lucky dip really... i once got a bag of nothing but fudge and turkish delights!
Same price in Iceland, and also in 99p store.
Agreed it is a bit of a lucky dip.I'm sure there are Cadburys in some bags.
Been this price for years.

Been this price for years.

And never been posted !!

And never been posted !!

I take your point. Theres a thousand other good deals in poundland.
i was in plymstock 99p shop last week and pack size is 200grammes plus 50 grammes free, so only 250 in there.

in t'good old days you got 500 grammes for a pound.
Been this price forever and as above said, not really an assortment as you often get a bag full of the same stuff.
Sweet deal...

I'll get my coat
also sold in Home Bargains, possibly less than 99p...but as the last bag i got was just turkish delight, I haven't bought them since...
Ha ha just got a full bag of fudge nothing else. Not exact ally an assortment. Nice none the less
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