Turning Point: Fall of Liberty (Xbox 360) £4.99 Delivered @ GAMEPLAY
Turning Point: Fall of Liberty (Xbox 360) £4.99 Delivered @ GAMEPLAY

Turning Point: Fall of Liberty (Xbox 360) £4.99 Delivered @ GAMEPLAY

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Might not be the best WWII shooter for the Xbox but at under a fiver alright price for the Score Whores.

Fall of Liberty will take players to new battlegrounds in World War II - born from a changed moment in history that led to the Nazi invasion of 1950s America. Presenting this scenario as a powerful and realistically crafted alternate history, Fall of Liberty will deliver an explosive action experience in a world where famous real-world locations appear startlingly different under Nazi occupation.


Fall of Liberty changes reality by twisting one historical fact: In 1931, Winston Churchill was hit by a taxi on 5th Avenue in New York. In reality, he survived the accident but walked with a cane for the rest of his life. But what might have followed if Winston Churchill had been killed in the accident? Without his voice to lead a country to war, the events of WWII change dramatically; the Normandy invasion never happens and the UK and all of Europe come under Nazi rule by 1945.
Building on the successful conquest of Europe, Nazi intelligence develops superior weapons and vehicles so that on December 7, 1951 they are able to launch an all out surprise attack on America - beginning with a mass invasion of New York.
Unprepared, the invasion stuns America and plunges much of the country into fearsome Nazi occupation. In Washington, the Swastika flies from The White House, and in a show of force to end rebellion, a nuclear attack on Manhattan is being planned. The odds are overwhelming, the reality of the situation shocking, but for players, it's time to join the resistance and fight a guerrilla war in the newly occupied territories.


Honestly, this game is pants. Cant recommend even at this price. Wont be voting either way.

Not sure why everyone complains so much about this game - must not have played enough crap first person shooters. Very average game for a very cheap price.

AWFUL, AWFUL GAME even at this price!


Whats taking so long in releasing a Freedom Fighters 2, Sounds like this game is taking ideas from FF which is no bad thing but they did a poor job of it.

Well worth £4.99...easy 740 GS (single player), forget the bad points, buy & play :thumbsup:
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