TurnMeOn Micro HD TV / Movie Media Player V1 + FREE HDMI Cable - £15.89 @ Dealtastic
TurnMeOn Micro HD TV / Movie Media Player V1 + FREE HDMI Cable - £15.89 @ Dealtastic

TurnMeOn Micro HD TV / Movie Media Player V1 + FREE HDMI Cable - £15.89 @ Dealtastic

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Seems a good price £13.90 + £1.99 posting using voucher code offeroftheday15 ................. Same as a sumvision cyclone


This company (the manufacturers) sold these as "the new name for Sumvision Cyclone", even using their graphics - and forced Sumvision to issue a statement putting the record straight. It's cheap, it has play issues and it is a nasty ripoff of someone else's great product.

I'm waiting for a good price on the Sumvision Cyclone 2 and won't be tempted by this junk.

resolution up to 720 x 480 30fps / 720 x 576 25fps
then says resolution up to 1080p
i think not

I have a Sumvision Cyclone Micro 2 which as have been posted everywhere in the community, is a really good reliable media player.

My brothers wanted one, so I bought the V1 and V2 of this TurnMeON for them foolishly thinking it was the same thing.

Don't be fooled. This is a cheap knock off copy of the original cyclone. The menu system is all different and it stutters even on avi files nevermind the MKV. Also, it keeps cutting out and turning off randomly for both the V1 and V2.

The actual player and the remote control looks exactly the same as the Sumvision one thou. But it is no comparison to the real thing.

DON'T BUY, its utterly rubbish and I am getting a hard time trying to obtain a refund at the moment.

Even now they try to replicate Sumvision:

TurnMeOn 2 graphic:


Sumvision Cyclone:


Just buy a WD TV Live or AC Ryan and be done with it, at least those can stream off a nas or PC, these things need you to put the file on USB then, from what I gather anyway.
I love my AC Ryan, looking to buy another after buying the 32LE4900 for the bedroom

Yes - as everyone else said - this is a counterfeit and Dealtastic have even said it is a rebranded version of the sumvision, or that sumvision have changed their name or that this IS a sumvision, they can also be a pain to deal with returns.

Avoid this media player, avoid this company.

Traxdata also seems to be a really good brand of media player. I have friends with both WD TV live and AC Ryan. Yet there are still files that WD and the AC can't play or stutter whereas it plays perfect on my Traxdata.

In fact, I have never yet encountered a file the Traxdata can't play and the picture quality is much much better than the WD and the AC.

Also it seem to have better wireless Wi-fi capability.

Link for those who asked:


This Justop company seems to have the cheapest price on these media players and I have had very good experience with them.

I was a complete novice about these media players in the beginning and bought the wrong one from them. After like nearly a month (went on holiday in between), this company still let me changed it. I was almost embarassed to ask.

So full kudos to them. Very good prompt customer service.

BTW Justop used to sell the genuine Sumvison Micro 1 for only a few pounds more than this TurnMeON knock off anyway(I got the original Micro 2 from them so assume their Micro 1 is going to be genuine too).

I was a fool to try to save a few pounds. Should have just stuck with companies I trust

They seem to have sold out of the Micro 1 now thou but still got the Micro 2 at the cheapest price at the moment.

Sumvision Cyclone Micro 1 for £16.11 from 7dayshop

I have a NAS DNS-320 and it has a USB port on the back, could I just plug the sumo into the nas, and no need for usb sticks and transfering files.

I recently brought a 'Turn Me On' media player from Dealtastic on eBay and the thing really p's me off to no end. Only one in 4 files will actually play on the thing (all the other times it just says 'unsupported file', even though the file type is supported) and it's always hit and flippin' miss because you just never know which file is going to work and which one isn't. I was tempted to send it back, but I might not bother. Looks like this is one item that's going to see the inside of my bin!!
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