Turtle Beach Ear Force X1 Xbox 360 Headset £34.99 Delivered @ Qfonic

Turtle Beach Ear Force X1 Xbox 360 Headset £34.99 Delivered @ Qfonic

Found 25th Nov 2009
The Ear Force X1 Xbox 360 Stereo Headset's integrated design overcomes the limitation of Xbox communicator headsets that block game sound from one ear and eliminates voice chat interference caused by the headset microphone picking up sound from external speakers.

Pump up the volume without disturbing friends, family or neighbours with these Xbox 360 Stereo Headsets. Hear every nuance of the game - from an opponent sneaking up behind you to your teammate's voice right next to you.

Trash talk online. Block out distractions. It's everything you need for an amazing gaming experience.


Lightweight, Sturdy, and Comfortable: The X1s were designed from the ground up for the demanding gamer who needs a comfortable headphone that will stand up to hours of bass-thumping audio while maintaining the ultimate in comfort.

Integrated Amplifier: The X1's integrated amplifier boosts the sound level for a spectacular gaming experience, while also giving you full control over the game audio volume and a convenient microphone mute switch.

Powered by USB: No more trying to find one more spot on the power strip, or dealing with cumbersome cords: the X1s pull the power to amplify the chat and game audio from the Xbox's (or PC's) USB port.

They are due in soon but when added to cart it says that they will be despatched within 3-5 working days.
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Bought these from the states in March, before they were widely available in the UK..

They are life changing, if you play multiplayer online
voted HOT , im tempted.

voted HOT , im tempted.

Don't just be tempted - buy them! I've had a pair of these for 2 years. I paid £45 at the time but thought they where a bargain at that price.
If you have the money, then go for the Sharkoon X-Tatic headset.

But these are awesome for the price! Hot
great price

i use this http://www.astrogaming.co.uk/products.asp?id=2668i love it

y would you use that? its just overpriced crap for retarded people who think they are pro at games... oh i fink i answered my own question.:-D

Ive had a pair of these for about a month now and i must say that i thought i got a bargin when i got em (£39.99 shopto) cos there great for games like CODMW2 and GoW and Halo so on. an they work on my PC to which is great for Counter Strike Source. all in all amazing Deal! HOOOOT!
out of stock
I emailed them and they said that the headset should be back in stock at the end of next week.
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