Turtle Beach Ear Force x11 £44.99 at Gamestation

Turtle Beach Ear Force x11 £44.99 at Gamestation

Found 18th May 2010
Get the Turtle Beach x11 in gamestation at the moment for £5 less than the rrp as well as gamestation are the only shop online with the headset in stock


Can't comment on the price as such, but the headset itself is pretty decent in my opinion. Had a play with the full range at CES in January and was very impressed.

these are awesome. i have them and dunno what i would do without them now. makes gaming a hell of a lot better

Awesome, these are still very pricey on ebay so under 45 quid is a steal! I registered just to say thanks! :thumbsup:

I know it says its for the Xbox & PC but how is the headset connected? 3.5mm jack? I mean can it work with a PS3, I don't mind losing the functionality of the mic but I've been really looking for a decent pair of cans for a while now

Yes you can use it with the PS3, no voice chat though

Ordered, Heat Added, Cheers

Were these actually in stock earlier, it says stock due in 2-3 days now?

When I ordered they were in stock with delivery in about 2-3 days

Maybe I'm reading it wrong, it currently says "In Stock (2-3 Day)" which I take to mean they expect them in stock in 2 or 3 days time? Who knows, great price by the way I think I'll go ahead and order. Been waiting for long enough!

yup, you're reading it wrong. 2-3 days is expected delivery time. Btw, is the mic detachable?

Thanks for the replys - Ordered!!

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@candyman86 no unfortunatly the mic isnt but it is on the x31s i think but they are £90 ish

Hmm I didnt know these type of headphones existed until I saw them on here. I live witha flat mate that constantly complains about the noise when playing MW2 so maybe this is a good option for me.

How do these compare to the cheaper version XLC?
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