Turtle Beach Ear Force X41 @ Tesco (GBP 124.00 + Free Nextday Del + 4% Quidco + Clubcard pts)
Turtle Beach Ear Force X41 @ Tesco (GBP 124.00 + Free Nextday Del + 4% Quidco + Clubcard pts)

Turtle Beach Ear Force X41 @ Tesco (GBP 124.00 + Free Nextday Del + 4% Quidco + Clubcard pts)

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The Ear Force® X41 is our top-of-the-line XBOX 360® headset featuring 7.1 channel Dolby® surround sound, XBOX LIVE® chat and a digital RF wireless connection for crystal-clear game audio. Combining outstanding comfort with a stunning 360 degree sound field and enhanced online communication, the X41 puts you in the middle of the action so you’ll enjoy a gaming experience that’s second to none.

Playing your favorite XBOX® game with the Ear Force X41 is like having a “secret weapon” in your arsenal. You’ll get a competitive advantage by hearing sound cues that you can’t hear with speakers, such as the soft footsteps of an enemy sneaking up behind you, or the click of a loading weapon far in front of you. By hearing sounds others can’t—and by knowing where they’re coming from—you’ll react faster and take them out before they take you out.

If you’re serious about XBOX 360 gaming, get serious about the sound. Invest in an Ear Force X41 and experience the game the way it was meant to be heard. It will help you to become a better player and you’ll have a lot more fun enjoying your XBOX 360.


Good price and heat added but still to much money for me thats why i brought the x11`s

The 5.1 dolby digital from the Xbox in multiplayer games like Halo Reach and Black Ops is in fact just 2 front and two rear channels. the central channel is for other players' voices. This is as useless as gaming spectacles.

Ordered these 2 weeks ago from Tesco and keep getting and update email saying that there is a problem with delivery, so went to GAME yesterday and picked them up. Will cancel tesco order.

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Adamastor, I disagree...I think these are really good. My K/D ratio in CoD improved so much after getting these. You can hear things you can never dream of hearing on an average tv set.

Babybop, thats a shame! I ordered mine last Thursday and got them delivered on Friday!!!

I must admit it was worth paying the extra (beach86) as he is always playing CoD and says that these are brilliant, hope you enjoy yours.

had these since release date last year and have to say there worth every penny, all my mates now use them and none of them would ever go back.
i will add that a battery charger that does AAA size batteries is a must as the batteries only last around 20 hours

I strongly urge you to avoid buying these. Had heard great things about turtle beach headsets and i can only speak for this model but they are poor. Had them for over a year now and wish I'd gone wired. The talkback cable they provided with my set was poor, as was the 2 replacements they sent me, which results in degraded chat quality. Friends had commented on the crackling whenever I talked and it was immediately apparent to me as soon as i started using the set. I'm certainly not alone either.

I wish it was the only problem. Due to them being wireless, they are prone to crackling, popping and on/off sound at times. Also, when the batteries run out in the middle of an online game it is hardly ideal. That said, when they are working properly they aren't bad at all.

Simple put, don't go wireless with any set. It causes more problems than positives. Either get the model down or find a wired alternative brand.

Heat added
Bought a pair of these a long time ago for playing cod modern warfare 2 and paid around £160 at the time but would still say they are worth every penny if your a first person shooter fan as you can hear exactly where enemies are coming from not just that someone is near.
Will soon be purchasing the cable they have brought out so these can be used on the ps3 too (about £30 for cable)
Had read some bad write ups of them like MPES before buying mine and the sound going mid game can be frustrating but on the whole they are worth the money if you play first person shooters a lot. For any other game type I don't use them.

now back in stock at Tesco, plus with an Extra 20% off, so they're now only £99!!

Bought them last month of amazon for £130 :-(
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