Turtle Beach - Elite 800X - coolshop.co.uk £90.70

Turtle Beach - Elite 800X - coolshop.co.uk £90.70

Found 30th Dec 2017
Turtle Beach - Elite 800X Wireless Surround Headset XBOX ONE.
  • 100%Wireless for complete freedom.
  • Noise cancelling to quiet outside noise.
  • DTS Headphone:X 7.1 Channel Surround Sound to hear audio at every angle.
  • Mic Monitoring to let you hear yourself in your headset.
  • Rechargeable Battery for up to 10 hours of use.
  • Bluetooth to stay connected to mobile devices.
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Can’t see that price for it b
229 for me
Is it just me but I'm seeing £229.44 retail price? I have missed some code or something?
Showing 229 for me?
Yeah 229 for me too
Got the 500x, love em!
@Krakoos how do you get it for this price please? Or have you made a mistake with your price?
Nooooo Thought my Christmas money had found a way to be spent then!
Deal not showing up on site.
Also oos from coolshop
Think someone has had to much to drink
£229 for me 200
Nearly had my a50s going back to argos after seeing that price...
Before you judge me, all funny guys should contact Coolshop and ask why they changed the price so quick. I spotted this deal and posted asap. Have no idea how long it was under moderation process. I placed an order 22:24 and paid £90.70 and you can see a proof below. 32955129-lNExv.jpg

Turtle? Works like a turtle? BTW, the price changed
Awful reviews for the mic on these headsets
Great heatset, love the fact you can connect it via bluetooth, wireless base or wired. Even more handy is you can have multiple connections at the same time - useful for work. As @xbaassassin said the mic is a bit crap.
i have this headset. its so tight it gives me a headache after an hour or so. mic is bad, very low. i switched the the a40 astro. so much better.
benjammin31630th Dec 2017

Got the 500x, love em!

Do these work on the xbox one ok for chat and sound etc?
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