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Posted 18 October 2022

Turtle Beach React-R Controller Black - Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC - Black / White £24.99 @ Amazon

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Same price on Argos

React faster with the Turtle Beach REACT-R Controller, officially licensed by Microsoft for Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One & Window PCs. Plug in any 3.5mm headset and instantly upgrade your audio with quick-access controls for Superhuman Hearing, game & chat volume balance, and mic mute. Play longer and stay in control thanks to an ergonomic handle shape and textured grips, handles and triggers. Two mappable quick-action buttons on the backside of the controller let you customize your controls for quicker reactions. Feel the rumble of explosions, or the recoil of gunshots with vibration feedback in the handles.

  • Game-Enhancing Audio Controls - Quick-access audio controls including Superhuman Hearing, game and chat volume balance & mic mute right at your fingertips.
  • Superhuman Hearing - From quiet footsteps to enemy weapon reloads, Turtle Beach exclusive Superhuman Hearing setting gives you the ultimate audio advantage.
  • Two Mappable Quick-Action Buttons - Speed up your response with two mappable buttons that you can set to your preferred function.
  • Vibration Feedback - Dual Rumble motors in the handles enhance immersion for realistic, next-gen gameplay.
  • Officially Licensed for Xbox - The REACT-R Controller is built to dominate on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One and Windows.

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  1. Avatar
    Gutted bought this for 34.99. Great controller in my opinion.
  2. Avatar
    Is it in anyway better than the original? Or just cheaper?
    I've ordered one, so I can't say if it's as good as the original, but.... It has 2 programmable back paddles. I use a series 2 elite controller, which is giving up the ghost, and the thing I'd miss the most would be the paddles. They save you moving your index fingers from the triggers. This controller has those, and some super trick audio features that are supposed to be great. Better sound awareness in game or something. Besides, if it's poor amazon can have it back.
  3. Avatar
    Good price, good controller.
  4. Avatar
    Was tempted but looks like quite a few reviews commenting stick drift, sticky buttons and other issues after a month(s) use. Any of those currently commenting about the controller have any of these issues?
    wondering the same...
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    Have a look on here on "hot" there's a £5 off £20 spend up for grabs. Just bought one of these for £20. Free standard delivery (Friday), as I don't have prime.

    Im hoping it'll replace my elite series 2,which has non working shoulder buttons, unreliable paddles, and currently the face buttons aren't exactly responsive....

    I've got an unused original series x controller, but once you've used paddles, it's hard to swap back. Hopefully the wires won't annoy me.
    Binned my elite series 2 after two shoulder button repairs, then the left trigger went. It didn't even last as long as a normal xbox controller. I have a wolverine V2 now and it's very good.
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    I've used this for a few days now, and it's been great. Really simple to reprogram the back paddles to whatever you want (I used them as shoulder buttons, like on my elite controller). Cable is 2.5m, USB c and detachable and hasn't annoyed me yet. It doesn't need charging and it turns on the console the same as my MS version. I haven't used the trick audio yet, somehow lost my headset.

    For £20 I'm really happy. I got the manky purple version. It's easier to see.
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    @BubaMan You could quite easily just buy a number of third party controllers (within a certain budget)... Check out as to which ones you like... And then contact their manufacturers to see if they're willing to "white label" the controllers for a fee...

    Pretty inexpensive way of using "off the shelf" components. Where you end up fooling no-one but yourself.
    I can't go back to wired now!
    I'm still waiting for the official controller that I ordered weeks ago, using Rewards Points
  8. Avatar
    It's not a very nice looking controller, but there's the other colour scheme if you prefer that one.

    I'm not sure which is dislike least. Probably this one.

  9. Avatar
    Good controller, paid 40 euro in Argos a few months back so a good price.
  10. Avatar
    Nice. Camel says normall £32.95
  11. Avatar
    That cable looks like it won't be easy to replace if it breaks.
    It says its detachable.

    "Wired to Win:

    Equipped with a detachable 8ft./2.5m cable with USB-C connector."

    Not too tricky to replace. Hopefully the cable supports a bit of fast charging so I can use it on my phone in a pinch. I'm guessing the other end is usbA though, to match the consoles.
  12. Avatar
    Anyone has tested it on pc games (steam)?

    Is it any good?
  13. Avatar
    I need a Turbo Controller for the Xbox SX, Any ideas?
  14. Avatar
    Risking it with the £5 off, thanks.
  15. Avatar
    What’s the buttons located on the back of the pad for?
    I think they're reprogrammable. Additional buttons usually are, meaning you can set them to commands that might aid you in a competitive environment. Namely shooters.

    They're probably also handy (no pun intended) for people with medical issues relating to their hands. Movement issues, etc.
  16. Avatar
    I can't believe how cheaply made it feels. Mine arrived just now and I'm really disappointed with it. It's all made of nasty, hollow plastic. It weighs nothing. And not in a good way.
    It looks even worse in person than it does in the pics. I will never buy another Turtle Beach product based on this experience. It's garbage. (edited)