Turtle Beach X11 Headset £38.00 delivered at Amazon
Turtle Beach X11 Headset £38.00 delivered at Amazon

Turtle Beach X11 Headset £38.00 delivered at Amazon

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Great headset for the Xbox 360/PC featuring:
Hear XBOX LIVE chat plus stereo game sound
Built in Amplifier boosts game audio
Independent controls for game audio and chat volumes
Heart thumping bass boost adds sonic realism
Mic monitoring lets you hear what you are saying
Eliminates Mic feedback caused by game sounds
Works with XBOX, PC & MAC
A single USB connection provides power - no AC adapters or betteries necessary


Got this headset, love it

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Its a very good set if you play online, I have recently upgraded to X31's but the X11's are great. Well made and really comfortable for extended play sessions.

Is this headset 5.1?

Oh no I bought this headset for my boyfriend last week and I paid 49.99 on HMV ... Gutted!!!!

Px21s are even better


Same price at Tesco + cashback


Px21s are even better

I'd agree with this as I've got a set. The px21's are £60ish though.

i have this. its pretty decent for the money, but i find the sound a bit too bass heavy, and its slightly small if you have a freakishly big head like me.

next time I would put my £40 towards something better.

As mentioned these are great but have a little too much bass. It makes them great for driving games and games with lots of shooting and explosions. However it kind of ruins games with a lot of dialogue as the voices are too bassy.

Can they be used on PS3?

Yes you can use them on PS3 though you wont hear game sounds aswell as mic audio. the PS3 doesnt allow for this which is really annoying so its only good as a MIC. That being the case it works out bloomin expensive.

Ok thanks. He already had a headset with mic, but I can still hear the game sounds!!

foxy...if your tv has a headphone socket get a wireless head set for the tv. He will hear tv sounds and voices through the headset. Although he will need a seperate mic. I use a Jabra bluetooth mic that i can hag around the neck. No complaints from the Mrs!!


Same price at Tesco + cashback

Thats where i got mine and what set they are only down side is all the wires but its better than paying £150 for the wireless ones

Same price at Tesco, instore too if you need them quicker!
Bought last month instore (slightly higher at £39.97) - excellent bit of kit, Black Ops online with this is the nuts!

I have these, they are awesome!

Have these and there awesome with a amp to make them fully surround and u can control the bass then


Not the best sound with these. My cousin had a pair and compared to my steelseries 5XB's, they don't compare especially with the sound mixer you get included with the steelseries ones.


Can they be used on PS3?

You need the PX21's for the PS3.

very tempting!! hot from me!!

can these be used when xbox 360 is connected to tv via hdmi cable?

Got the X1's and they are fab, picked these up for £40 in GameStation although think they are £35 in the Game near me (had GS vouchers though)!

£40 at Zavvi - but if you've got a Walkers Code, you can pick them up for £36


can these be used when xbox 360 is connected to tv via hdmi cable?

I think you'll either need to cut a bit of black plastic off the 360's audio connection lead or buy a different lead.

Need a new one for PC. not sure to go for this or the fatal1ty hs-1000, its only £40 now also amazon.co.uk/dp/…769?smid=A3P5ROKL5A1OLE&tag=****&linkCode=asn&creative=22206&creativeASIN=B001CXYOF6

they work for PS3 aswell, you need a USB soundcard for them to work. Soundcard is 5 quid on ebay.

These headphones aren't as good as the logitech f540!



These headphones aren't as good as the logitech f540!The

Then compare the prices between the two (_;)

machinima directors gave these headphones a bad review.

is a good price but would recommend getting from zavvi with walkers code.

well I would... but the site is being DDOS'd..

well I would... but the site is being DDOS'd..


Same price on Tesco Direct but with clubcard points and no anti-wikileaks vibe!
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