Turtle Wax Dry & Shine rinse wax £4.76 delivered @ CarParts4Less

Turtle Wax Dry & Shine rinse wax £4.76 delivered @ CarParts4Less

Posted 7th Nov
this stuff is meant to be really good, particularly for the price.

It recently performed really well in a group test on the well respected Forensic Detailing channel on YouTube against much more expensive opponents.

It's certainly significantly cheaper than it's been on Amazon.


Turtle Wax hybrid products fuse traditional car care ingredients with the very latest technology for astonishing results and new ways to shine. Turtle Wax dry & shine rinse wax uses a hybrid combination of proprietary and natural carnauba waxes that can be used during the drying process to accelerate drying time and provide streak-free results. The 1 step solution works in combination with water to provide a super hydrophobic surface that water just cant stay on. The result is a super dry surface that takes moments to dry.

  • Super hydrophobic silicones minimize water surface contact for a super dry finish
  • Synthetic sealants and natural carnauba wax create an intense depth of gloss
  • Maximum surface bonding to deliver lasting paintwork protection

I can't wait to try it, hope it helps someone

**** Thanks to Mike_Potts for getting a better discount code ****
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I watched the video too, pretty good stuff.
£4.76 using SCREAM100
If you can apply often, every 3-4 weeks then the Sonax Spray and Seal is better. Optically it looks better and while the sheeting is not as strong as for as long as this it looks better. I believe Forensics came to a similar conclusion?

I have had the Sonax for as little as £7 from Carparts4Less.
Ordered thank you
Good price . Heat added
Thanks, Ordered.
Always got good results from Turtle wax original. Hopefully this is better.
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