Turtle Wax Ice - All In One Wax Kit - £2.99 @ Home Bargains from £14.99

Turtle Wax Ice - All In One Wax Kit - £2.99 @ Home Bargains from £14.99

Found 26th Jul 2011
Not sure how good this stuff is, but IMO turtle wax stuff is usually good, maybe not pro, but good enough for home.

Turtle Wax ICE Synthetic Liquid Car Wax can be applied in direct sunlight and also on to the surface of a hot car. It can be applied to paintwork, bumpers, rubber and trim and will not leave a white residue. The unique blend of silicones and polymers, enhance the durability and give your car a superior shine. Developed to work in tandem with Turtle Wax ICE Synthetic Car Shampoo.

After a quick look the cheapest I could find was around £14.50

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They also had Turtle Wax ICE Glass Cleaner and Shampoo for £1.99, cheapest I could find was around £5.50

Turtle Wax ICE Glass Cleaner has been specially formulated to provide exceptional streak-free cleaning whilst leaving a protective rain repellent coating.

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Had plenty in stock, but as always with HB it will go and may not come back.
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A few of the lads at work use this stuff and swear by it...........
got some of this on Saturday from Home Bargains - used it Sunday - REALLY REALLY pleased with result
I personally cant stand the stuff. total waste of money as it smears on your car.. not a good polishing product
I bought some years ago when it first came out, it was ace but the applicator sponge was tiny so it took ages. Bargain at this price, its £10+ at halfords
Good deal, but I find it's only really as effective as that Devil stuff (I forget the exact product name) Asda keep doing cheap deals on, i.e. just makes the car shine for a week or two without giving any real protection.

Still a good price though.
I used JML Mantis Shine on my Fabia, absolutely brilliant! I was a little dubious due to mixed reviews but I think it's brilliant. Need lots of microfibre cloths though.
Got the last pack of wax in my local so will try it at the weekend and also some glass cleaner which I have just tried and it's decent but I normally use the autoglym fast glass on my car which gives better results and less elbow grease ad this stuff streaks more than autoglym but can't grumble for the price

The also had turtle wax ice car shampoo for £1.69, the shop said they think it's a one off line as no idea if coming back in stock
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