Turtle Wax Super-Glaze Rinse Wax 15 Litre ( 3 x 5L) £12.97 delivered was £59.97 @ Halfords

Turtle Wax Super-Glaze Rinse Wax 15 Litre ( 3 x 5L) £12.97 delivered was £59.97 @ Halfords

Found 14th Sep 2012
Turtle Wax Super-Glaze Rinse Wax 5 Litre
Was £19.99 now £4.99 PLUS 3 for 2 offer so 15 litres for £9.98 + £2.99 delivery

reserve and collect at your local store ( stocks look very good ) and save on delivery cost
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Thanks OP. Good offer.
better than demon shine @ £2 for 2L @ asda?
Was £3:99 for 5 Litres in July this year ....... I do question the RRP on this!
As above was cheaper a couple of months ago, got a few bottles in the cupboard. Looks like RRP and deals are becoming more fake.
But is it worth buying as reviews are up and down and most say after about 2 rains on the car the wax has gone and this should not be used on glass..so how do you rinse off the roof...and don't say park on a hill..lol
Beading stops after a couple days of rain, as for windows I pour it all over the car and wipe the windows clean. Its pretty much on par with Demonshine, crap but handy just to use in between waxes and to have that little bit of feel good factor that the car is shining
Good deal I think. Cheers.
I think poeple expect too much from this product. Nothing beats a hand job. Also, please try not to use a harsh shampoo, cause all it will do is strip on any wax you have on the paintwork.

My paint maintenance: Maguirs NXT extreme hand wax every 6months. try to wash the car everyweek (14 days at the most) with good quality shampoo (Swissvax is my favourite but expensive, DODO juice is good too for a more economical product) then rinse with Demon Shine or Turtle wax. Keeps my bodywork beading and sparkling until the bi-annual NXT wax.

In summary, the rinse aids work for me. Just don't try and save moeny on cheap shampoo as it strips off all your hard work....
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