TV Cream's Toys: Presents You Pestered Your Parents for (Hardcover) - £3.99 Instore (RRP £12.99) @ WH Smith
TV Cream's Toys: Presents You Pestered Your Parents for (Hardcover) - £3.99 Instore (RRP £12.99) @ WH Smith

TV Cream's Toys: Presents You Pestered Your Parents for (Hardcover) - £3.99 Instore (RRP £12.99) @ WH Smith

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Do you remember tearing down the stairs at five in the morning, in wide-eyed anticipation of the mountain of wrapped boxes under a Woolies' fireproof silver tinsel tree? Do you remember the sense of disappointment when what you'd asked for wasn't among them? Or -- worse -- when you found a cheap, knock-off version of a toy you really wanted? Lavishly illustrated and with over 300 colour photographs, TV Cream Toys celebrates the presents that we hoped, wished and prayed would turn up in the Christmas stockings of yesteryear. From Big Trak to Buckaroo!, Mastermind to Merlin, Sorry! to Strawberry Shortcake, each peerless plaything from the '60s through to the '90s is examined and catalogued (in the Argos, rather than the scientific, sense). Culled from award-winning retro website TV Cream, this book lists a wealth of fondly remembered toys, games, and novelties, and unearths quite a few of the oft-forgotten classics that, even to this day, remain treasured in the hearts of our inner children.

It is £12.99 on their website but £3.99 instore

I think this is a national promotion. It has a yellow £3.99 sticker on the front and is a good book for the living room coffee table for when the adverts are on or a boring relative is visiting.



Nice deal :thumbsup:

or a boring relative is visiting.


At it's original £12.99, possibly not worth it, but for £3.99 I'd say this'll be a great nostalgia trip, in which every few pages or so you'll be shouting either "I had one of those, it was great" or "I wanted one of those, but got a crap - - - - - - - (insert as desired) from wembley market instead".

Great price, voted HOT!

I always wanted one of those Coleco Mini Arcades, when Woolworths were selling them.Now, sad as it is (well, we all collect something don't we?), I collect old electronic games, consoles and computers, and have loads of them, which is interesting for my 8yr old son, who thinks that gaming started with his DS & Wii, and instant game loading.Kids don't have the patience anymore, that we needed back in the 80s to play a game, when you'd wait for 10 mins for Summer Games to load on your C64, only to see the portable TV in front of you display "loading error".

I'll look our for this.
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