Tv-out Cable for Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 @ Amazon  sold by ExpressPro.

Tv-out Cable for Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 @ Amazon sold by ExpressPro.

Found 20th Nov 2012
CLiPtec® ZTOSS AV680 Audio/Video & USB Data/Charge TV out Connection Cable for Samsung GT 2 7.0.

30-Pin Samsung Galaxy to RCA Cable can connect your Galaxy Tab with HDTV or TV. Enable you to watch videos, movies and photo slide shows on your big screen TV. Gold plated AV output .

Also able to charge the Galaxy Tab via the USB port while using the multifunction AV cable.

Finally, it appears we can have TV-out for Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0, something I couldn't find in any of the reviews or available information online! I am not recommending this item but, posting this to get some feedback, in case anyone on HUKD has used this cable before. If it works it may well be a good deal as there is no HDMI for this tablet?
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So sorry, I don't know how to add a picture. But, I've ordered one of these cables in the last few minutes.
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Nice, been wanting one of these.
Thank you for the pic crichtb!
It is getting a lot of heat, rightly if it works!!!!!!:p

I would make it clear at the top of you post you are not recommending this product but asking for feedback.

BE CAREFUL PEOPLE, I did not believe TV-out was possible on this device.
Eeeek! Ok I will try to edit the post happylarry. Thank you for that!
Heat for you. Many thx.
In description says p1000 p1010 models how about p3100 coz that i bought yesterday galaxy tab 2
be aware people thats for old models tablets 7 inch and product is from just 16 nov 2012 on from this seller
Just called samsung, they said TV out is possilbe via rca cables but not hdmi on the TAB2 P3110 ! fingers crossed
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Looks good but certainly some or all UK/Euro Tab2 can't do HDMI out but the US version can apparently.....

RCA composite video is the lowest quality video output so it'll be pretty fuzzy and low res, presumably outting at 576i PAL standard?
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just got a reply from the amazon seller, they say yes this is for the TAB2
Does anyone know if it will work on the larger Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.0?
I thought all Samsung tabs have the same port? Supports tab 1&2?
Anyone get this and confirm it works on the Tab2?
'Cable Length: 58cm'

is it really THAT short?
As per previous comments, would appreciate it if any who has bought one can confirm it works with galaxy tab 2 7.0 ? Will order if I know it works.
I've been in contact with Samsung and they replied:-
" I’m sorry this information was not readily available to you as it should
be. I can understand your frustration about this as you would like to
know more about the product.
I regret to inform you that your Tablet does not have MHL adaptor
support. In this instance you cannot use a MHL to HDMI lead to connect
your Tablet to your television. "
Hope this helps.
f1shy many thanks for this information.
This does not work, recieved mine,no response from tv or projector...goin back to amazon
same here this product does not work
where can I get this by home delivery
I just bought one too for tab 2 dont work wat a pain
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