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Watch UK TV anywhere world FREE via TVCatchup
Found 13th Mar 2018Found 13th Mar 2018
Watch UK TV anywhere world FREE via TVCatchup
Okay, so this may have been posted before, but I could not find previous posts which mention TVCatchup when I searched Have you been on holiday abroad and wanted t… Read more

Just back from Palma. it doesn’t work. until you get a VPN oh, and you now need a licence to watch BBC iPlayer in any form. law was changed last year.


Yep...but this discussion could open the floodgates. Just a thanks to the Op. I have family living abroad and visit often...didn't know about this app but is another to try, especially as Prime and Netflix restrict my non broadcast viewing.


Well according to HUKD, TVPlayer isnt a reputable company, because when i posted a deal for them a while back i was told TVPlayer dont meet HUKD critera, it was removed, and my HUKD account permanently flagged as untrustworthy so anything i post must be approved by the mods first. But passive aggressive mods aside I found TVPlayer much better than TVCatchup and it has been a life saver in hospital (QE in UK) where they charge £5/day just to watch TV yet the Wifi is free. That said, TVPlayer isn't perfect, you still occasionally get to see in-app banner adverts despite paying to remove them, and there's no live BBC anymore - it dumps you into the iPlayer app. So occasionally trying the alternatives like TVCatchup is a good idea.


TVPlayer is much better site and more channels. Why is this even a deal, surely everyone is aware of this, no?


I agree that the name TVCatchup is a misnomer, leads to some confusion as it only broadcasts (or rebroadcasts) “live” UK TV ... sometimes a couple of seconds after “live” TV. So, people in the UK who use this to watch UK TV channels, and are not exempt from the licence fees, should be paying them. Yes, HUKD is aimed at the UK population, but it would be interesting to learn how much of the audience is from overseas .... (y)

Watch Freeview TV Channels Online
Found 10th May 2013Found 10th May 2013
Watch Freeview TV Channels Online is an easy way to watch your favourite UK television programs and shows online. There are over 40 channels to watch including BBC1, BBC2, ITV1, Channel 4, FIVE, Dave,… Read more

cant seems to find page for beepbeep123


I voted hot too


i don't know why this is cold however i voted hot since its amazing if set up right with xbmc or used with a tablet


Thank you I didn't know about this and all the channels Voted Hot


Thank you so much for posting just what I need

Free TV Channels - New App on Your Android Smartphone + Tablets From Tv Catchup
Found 20th Jun 2012Found 20th Jun 2012
Free TV Channels - New App on Your Android Smartphone + Tablets From Tv Catchup
TVCatchup Beta – FREE Direct Link In 1st comment. Far and away our favourite app for streaming TV in general is TVCatchup. It’s still in beta, which means it’s constantly being up… Read more

Thanks. Works great on my Galaxy Note.


Ta-ra then! :waves:


Daft Q. but what is the advantage over the website ?


Its suddenly stopped streaming from my data allowance. Wifi is fine, but data no.


superb, use this on iPad and have just installed on one s, looks good!

Watch UEFA Euro 2012 Matches + Other TV Channels on Your Android Smartphone + Tablets
Found 19th Jun 2012Found 19th Jun 2012
Watch UEFA Euro 2012 Matches + Other TV Channels on Your Android Smartphone + Tablets
TVCatchup Beta – FREE Far and away our favourite app for streaming TV in general is TVCatchup. It’s still in beta, which means it’s constantly being updated and isn’t available on… Read more

atlast ! been waithing for this as my tvcatchup login did not work on my android only my laptop, cheers.


Sorry guys there is a website but if you read the post you will quite clearly read "Android Smartphone" this is for an android app - wake up and grab a coffee you need to pay better attention - nil points lol


Just installed on my RAZR and its working great. Thanks for posting.


Don't know why it's cold, great app for watching the channels that iplayer, 4od etc. apps don't cover.


I have this but this is delayed to live by around 1 minute

TV Catchup HD streaming beta - ITV1 HD, NHK World HD
Found 16th Apr 2012Found 16th Apr 2012
TV Catchup (free online freeview channel streaming) have been beta'ing an HD TV service for a couple of months now, but not many seem to have noticed it as the HD channels are righ… Read more
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Was going in via app. No itv hd, going in via the web page though and got it :) Probably should've read the thread poroperly


..keep going.. to the bottom of the page... there you go.


Spoted itv +1 but no itv hd


wow this is awesome they have NHK World HD on mine 8)

TVCatchup - Never Miss A Show Again - appstore & PC
Found 3rd Jan 2012Found 3rd Jan 2012
TVCatchup - Never Miss A Show Again - appstore & PC
OP: timtom786 Watch Live UK TV on PC, phone or games console using TV Catchup.. FREE - only signup needed. i just installed the app, not using these link… Read more
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Use this all the time, on my laptop, iPad, iPhone, and just installed an addon for my XBMC media centre :D


This is great works well and I use it on a regular basis on both iPhone and ipad


Works great on my iPad. Great for when you don't have control of the TV or you want to watch 2 football matches simultaneously for example.


Great app, works fine for me. Good for when ya in the bath :-)


Good find but this may help

FREE!!! Live TV on PC or Phone!
Found 31st Dec 2011Found 31st Dec 2011
FREE!!! Live TV on PC or Phone!
Watch Live UK TV on PC, phone or games console using TV Catchup..
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been using this for the last year on my san francisco thanks to GiffGaff and its unlimited interwebz


yeah use it on my PC an iphod touch no worries, very easy very good


Apologies about saying its on the android market, my GF said she got it off there, so now she made me sound like a di*k But yes the app is on the iphone for free.


Great used for ages, have nothing bad to say about it really.


where can I get the app for android ?? ive had tvcatchup for a while theres no apps. it has since stopped working on my android phone.

TVcatchup LIVE TV NOW in High Quality [HQ} streaming
Found 12th Sep 2011Found 12th Sep 2011
TVcatchup LIVE TV NOW in High Quality [HQ} streaming
High Quality FREEVIEW, HD in other words.

Badly designed player results in TVcatchup being unwatchable. Advert reloads ever 10 seconds, reloads flash player so it stops every time. Really poor.


I can confirm that the HQ streams are new and that the Q isn't very H


HQ streaming is new to tvcatchup, i've been member with it for long too, get with it man !!


they took down the HQ streams for quite a while, up until 2 days ago they brought them back, check the forums or their facebook


errrr...i've been on it for about 2 years so not sure where you're getting your facts from munaaf? And yes some times it's propper crap, was trying to watch the F1 on Sunday and kept buffering, will watch it on iplayer at some stage!!

Free Freeview TV On iPod/iPad/iPhone 3G,3GS,4 Laptop, PS3, (Anything With Flash Player) @ TV Catchup
Found 25th Mar 2011Found 25th Mar 2011
Free Freeview TV On iPod/iPad/iPhone 3G,3GS,4 Laptop, PS3, (Anything With Flash Player) @ TV Catchup
tv on anything with flash player iphone 3G,3GS,4 computers, laptops, mobiles with flash. all you have to do is sign up to the site compuers,laptops- iphon… Read more



any other devices tried


Sometimes it can be done with out flash . I have a vodafone 845 on android 2.1 it runs perfectly on opera browser


That's good to watch freeview tv. Does anyone know any website to watch freesat or the channels that u get free on a sky box without having to subscribe to sky. thanks.


1. A comma indicates that it is part of a list. Look at the title. Imagine each comma is a start of a new bullet point. 2. Who cares if iDevices don't have Flash? It is not relevant to this thread. 3. My iPhone 3GS has Flash. Jailbroken iDevices can support Flash.

Stream live TV on PC/iPhone/iPad/iTouch
Found 11th Aug 2010Found 11th Aug 2010
Stream live TV on PC/iPhone/iPad/iTouch
Watch live tv with over 30 channels inc Sky 3 and news.

Thanks. Not heard of Yamgo before. I will give it a go


for all other mobiles devices Better Phones Click Here Works for my HTC hero and Samsung Galaxy S.


pointy headed ****


This is cack its so full of ads it becomes very annoying after a while, also its very unreliable have been using this for about year and a half now and it cuts off and on when you don't want it too, and it went down everytime there was an england match on over the world cup.. The admin of the site just said go elsewhere if you don't like it so I did!


This is starting to get annoying now, people are posting the same stuff every month. I guarantee someone will come along and post the same thing, it happens the same with apps too, grrrrrrr

TVCatchup Never Miss a Show (FREE)
Found 4th Jun 2010Found 4th Jun 2010
TVCatchup Never Miss a Show (FREE)
TVCatchup is an internet television service for viewing certain UK channels from free-to-air digital terrestrial and satellite broadcasters live without the use of a television re… Read more

At least that deal is marked with the date in the headline . As for your remarks about the spelling of HUKD.... well if that's all you can come up with then it shows the weakness of your arguement..... and speaks volumes of you. I notice on your profile you have recieved negative feedback.... I for one am not surprised.


Will this work outside of the UK?


Still waiting for you to show me. Well well well, there's an example of part of the problem. People not being consistent with names and spelling. Makes it so much harder to find things when using the search function. I thought this site was called HUKD or HotUKDeals. Still, at least this deal is available now. ]Beats posting a deal that isn't even available for a week. :roll:


The iPad's screen isn't higher resolution, it's just bigger.


To my knowledge this has been posted over half a dozen times...... so probably a lot more when I wasn't looking. ukhotdeals state that a deal can be posted if over a month old.... which means we can expect to see this every 4 weeks, which kinda sucks. Still... with this kind of heat for something so old and so often posted I just hope I'm the person who remembers to post it again. That's the downfall of ukhotdeals. On the plus side..... there is always some noob who this is still news to..... so I hope to bring this breaking news to those who still have their heads stuck in the sand in 3 weeks time. :roll:

Watch Freeview Channels On Your IPHONE/ITOUCH with tvcatchup
Found 20th Feb 2010Found 20th Feb 2010
Watch Freeview Channels On Your IPHONE/ITOUCH with tvcatchup
This is what is says on their forum; TVCatchup is now compatible with the IPhone (or IPod Touch). To watch TVCatchup on your IPhone, simply go to: Th… Read more
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still need to legally buy a license, but tvcatchup don't submit /collect personal data. I use it all the time, great, but takes a load of data. Support is good too.


I'm pretty sure they've only been applying to the App store recently..


This is very ancient news. I'm wondering how come its still not made it as an official iphone app. Apple don't seem keen to approve it. Maybe phone providers not happy at the prospect of more streaming over 3G. O2 have already had several data crashes.


Missed this first time round - Hot


TVCatchup Never Miss a Show
Found 10th Jan 2010Found 10th Jan 2010
TVCatchup Never Miss a Show
Watch live UK television on your computer, iphone or games console. Was posted a couple of months ago but thought I'd update it...… Read more

H n R coming atcha this is great why have i not seen it before?? Sky Sports in my scratcher, quality post:thumbsup:




Great find, yet to test it over 3g on my iphone, but great over wifi. Heat and rep added.


Thanks, H&R added


keeps saying 'Advertisement.... Please Wait...' for every channel I click apart from the BBC channel which is working. Any ideas on how I can fix this?

Nokia & Windows Mobile Users - Download Skyfire for Free to enable TV Catch Up (Free Live TV)
Found 7th Dec 2009Found 7th Dec 2009
Nokia & Windows Mobile Users - Download Skyfire for Free to enable TV Catch Up (Free Live TV) - Download Skyfire for Free which will enable your Nokia phone to watch Free Freeview TV on (Again free to register). * Free mobi… Read more
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Voted HOT, but I do find TVCatchUp is very good with the audio, but the video seems like it's dropping loads of frames on my 5800. Is this normal? Do others find this? I've see it on an iPhone before and it was really smooth!!


When I play it on my phone, there is no sound? Can someone help?


Yeah, cheers, had already read that when I was researching it.


Just found this info on how to obtain the alpha version of Skyfire for Symbian S60 V5 phones such as Nokia 5800 ahead of it's official launch in January. Going to give it a try tomorrow.


Here's a little bit of information about that issue. Someone mentioned there's an app for $5 that fixes it. Just bought a Nokia 5800 a couple of weeks ago. Can't wait for Skyfire, hope they fix the backlight issue though.

Watch Freeview Channels On Your IPHONE/ITOUCH with tvcatchup
Found 12th Oct 2009Found 12th Oct 2009
Watch Freeview Channels On Your IPHONE/ITOUCH with tvcatchup
Today is tvcatchups first birthday So today they have released an application where you can now watch their streams on the iphone or itouch. This is what is says on their forum; … Read more
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Good steaming




does anyone know if theres a way i can plug my iphone into my tv and watch it on there? or if i get it up on my laptop can i watch it on my telly? thanks :)


free trial for what?


Apparently my free trial has ran out and I now must pay to view!!!

Free Freeview TV to your mobile, laptop, wifi device, or PC
Found 11th May 2009Found 11th May 2009
Free Freeview TV to your mobile, laptop, wifi device, or PC
18 FREEVIEW CHANNELS AVAILABLE TO MOBILE DEVICES AND PCs (don't use on mobiles without unlimited downloads) For mobiles, first you need to download the Skyfire mobile browser. It… Read more

Great! Thanks


this is awesome thanks op


Thanks. H&R Added


Is this works with nokia 5800 please repley asap. also any software for blackburry storm.


Just downloaded this - thanks stv - put your username as recommended - voted hot :)