Tweezerman hot pink slant tweezers full size for £9.50 delivered!!!

Tweezerman hot pink slant tweezers full size for £9.50 delivered!!!

Found 28th Nov 2007
Tweezerman are the best tweezers around so i heard, these are full size hot pink colour for only £9.50! bargain! everywhere else there around £15 for this size. tweezerettes the mini version are £6.99 elsewhere and that doesnt include delivery, so thought id share this with you who think someone you know would like these for christmas or even as a treat for yourself.

i have bought these myself they are genuine and do not charge you extra. the tweezers are also amazing!
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Again I see cold but why? Seems like a reasonable post to me. We all need a good pair of tweezers.
I've got a pair of tweezerman tweezers which I purchased for about £13-14 about 3 years ago and I can say they are definately the best I've tried. Previously I've bought other cheaper tweezers that after a while loose their grip and these are still going strong after a couple of years! So I would definately recommend them as hot, although they look pricey they are worth it!
Thats a great price for these. Thanks! :-D
£9.50 a good price for a pair of tweezers? Must definately be a woman thing then as I wouldn't pay more than £3.
I love these tweezers, well worth the extra pennies...well, pounds lol!
These look exactly the same as a pair I bought in Superdrug for £2.99, fair dos they don't say Tweezerman on the side but they work
Reviews for these are excellent. Good price:thumbsup:
Sorry, but I need to add a note of caution here - I ordered items from this firm once and found when they were delivered that I had to pay a hefty charge for customs - £25!!!
it depends what you buy some things they add custom charge on but for these they definitely dont as i received them in the post the other week.
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