Twiglets, Hula Hoops Stars etc pots half price to £1.24 @ Morrisons

Twiglets, Hula Hoops Stars etc pots half price to £1.24 @ Morrisons

LocalFound 27th Nov 2008
There was a post a few days ago saying these pots were £1 in Tesco, but this didn't materialise, just been into Morrisons, and pots of Twiglets, Hula Hoops and those cheesy ones?? are all £1.24 per pot.
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Bought the twiglet ones earlier for my daughter who thinks these are lovely, personally think they are absoluetly disgusting!
if only they brought back the curry twiglets mmmmm yum lol
The cheesy ones better be cheeselets. They are the best thing EVER!
yummy love twiglets and cheeselets - was upset that offer at Tesco wasn't on. Will get some to go with the £11 litre of smirnoff I need to buy!
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Tesco have had an offer on these bits recently, I'm sure...

Anyone know if the worcester sauce Twiglets will be available this year? Love them!
I really like Worcester Sauce twiglets aswell, haven't seen any for ages though!!
You mean the tangy ones? They were called 'Tangy'.

They were my utter favourites too. I like the original too though. Voted hot.
Another tangy lover here, have not been able to get them for ages!!
Sweet!!! And Worcester sauce twiglets? I've never heard of them but would love to try them. Heat added!!!
Twiglets just aren't what they used to be.... I think they made them healthier.
Hot price though.
Whats dirtier, eating twiglets or pepperami?
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