Twilight 4 book set only £13.96 @ Books direct DELIVERED!!

Twilight 4 book set only £13.96 @ Books direct DELIVERED!!

Found 13th May 2010
All four Twilight books for £13.96, with £2.99 for delivery.
That's £16.95 in total, which is still cheaper than Amazon and Play.
The last book (Breaking Dawn) is a hardback, and the others are paperbacks.

***EDIT 7/7/10*** Delivery is now FREE on all orders over £5


redhouse books do the 3 pack of paperbacks for £7.99 and breaking dawn for £6.99 and free p&p so altogether thats only £14.98.…y=0

btw these are really good books i intended to buy them read them & flog the on to get my money back, but am now reading them all for the 3rd time and cant bear to part with them.

Its free postage over £15 on Redhouse - do you have a promo code? I'm 2p away and i'd have to buy something else to qualify...!!

Ooh books direct, stay well clear of them.

oh redhouse used to be free delivery on all orders, they must have changed it recently as last time i only spent £8 and got free del.

i called them about these to see if they were all hardback or just the 4th one and the bloke argued the toss they were all paperback even though the last one isnt out in paperback yet. if anyone gets it let me know please as i want all hardback

Hi all

I bought these a month or so ago when they were doing them full price (doh!), and there was one hardback, which was Breaking Dawn, all the rest were paperback


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Mine arrived this morning, and I will be reading them as soon as I get home from work!! Really pleased :-D
(I can confirm that they're all paperbacks apart from Breaking Dawn.)

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Books Direct are giving FREE DELIVERY for all orders over £5 from now on, so this set qualifies!!

Out of stock on this website now but checked out redhouse and very happy girly now as they had set first 3 books for £7.99 and the 4th book seperate for £3.48 so cost me £11.47 for all 4 books together with free delivery. x
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