Twilight Double Disc DVD £5.95@Zavvi With Voucher

Twilight Double Disc DVD £5.95@Zavvi With Voucher

Found 4th Dec 2009
High school romance is difficult enough to navigate when both people are human. But for 17-year-old Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart, INTO THE WILD) and Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson, HARRY POTTER AND THE GOBLET OF FIRE), Edward's life as a vampire complicates things even more. At first, when Bella moves from sunny Phoenix to the rainiest corner of Washington State, she isn't sure where she fits in at her new high school. Then she meets Edward, an ethereal beauty of a boy whose unnatural speed and strength lead Bella to the conclusion that her new crush is one of the undead. Suddenly, Bella's boring life is transformed; she's surrounded by love and danger in equal parts, thanks to the hunger of Edward and others of his kind.

Special Features
EXTRAS over 2 hours of additional material

Audio commentary
The Adventure Begins The Journey from page to screen
A conversation with Stephanie Meyer
The Comic-Con phenomenon
Deleted scenes (with director introduction)
Extended scenes (with director introduction)
Video: Muse performing Supermassive Black Hole
Video: Decode by Paramore
UK premiere footage (exclusive to UK)
Theatrical trailer
Theatrical TV spots
Becoming Edward
Becoming Bella
Catherine Hardwickes Vampire Kiss montage
Edwards piano concert
Music: The heartbeat of Twilight
Catherine Hardwickes Bellas Lullaby Remix music video
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Sorry but £4.98 with no voucher at Amazon.…3KF
yeah but this is for the 2-disc special edition - hot from me!
Great deal - Thanks
The 2 Disc version was 4.98 at Amazon and HMV a couple of days ago so look out for that again - but this is the cheapest out there if you need it sooner :thumbsup:
I'd pay it even though I've already got it - I LOVE THE TWILIGHT SAGA!!!
Who ever watches the Bonus disc?

Who ever watches the Bonus disc?

sad people

sad people

Funnily enough, that same answer applies to people who enjoy the actual film.
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