Twilight New Moon - £7 (Single) or £9 (Double) @ Asda

Twilight New Moon - £7 (Single) or £9 (Double) @ Asda

Found 28th Jun 2010
With Eclipse out in cinemas next week was looking for this so I could catch up before seeing the new film.
Best price online for single disc is £8.95 and double is £9.85.
May not seem as good as some of the other ASDA dvd deals on at the moment but great for any budding Twilight fans out there!


a lot of vue cinemas are doing all 3 films back to back this weekend for the new release also which may be a good idea for some, i think it is £5 to see the first 2 movies back to back from 8pm or so then you pay normal ticket price £8/9 for the third movie at midnight. make sure you take plenty of popcorn though.

good price thanks!

Up to £13 pounds
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