Twin Laser Garage Parking System - £9.99 @ Netto

Twin Laser Garage Parking System - £9.99 @ Netto

Found 26th Jun 2009
Looks a neat little gadget for those that need it!

No more hitting the garage wall, bicycles, workbenches or storage closets! This laser parking system automatically activates when your vehicle enters the garage and guides you to the spot you select with a bright-red laser beam. Easy, one-step, ceiling installation, no wiring necessary. Adjustable for 1 or 2 cars.

Adjustable for 1 or 2 vehicles
Automatically activates once you drive in
Easy installation
All fixtures & fittings included
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So what does this actually do ???

Ah, its now been edited to tell people, thank you...
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Product Description
Eliminate scrapes, dents, and anxious moments while putting the car away, with a Laser Parking System. If you have the type of garage where space is at a premium, especially if there is already one vehicle parked there, then this system is for you. A unique, laser based system turns on automatically as soon as your car enters the garage, and guides it to the right space, avoiding doorframes, or other vehicles. All it takes is one easy step to install, with no wires!
you'll learn the hard way when the batterys die!
I still don't know what it does. It "guides you"... how? Does it shine the laser on a wall? Does it beep if you deviate from a straight line?
I would say that the sensor picks up the movement when you drive into the garage and then shines the two laser lights. You position these lights where you want to indicate you have driven in far enough, or to the left or right. So maybe you can set up the light so that once you have driven in to your garage far enough the laser light will be shining on your dashboard.

It is an electronic version of the old "hang a tennis ball from your garage ceiling at the point your bonnet just bumps it" thus telling you to drive no further.

Might be handy for me as I need to gauge both distance into the garage (so one light can shine on my dashboard) and distance to the left (so the other light can shine on my left door mirror).
Sounds like a tractor beam!
Can you set this to "stun"
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