Twin Pack of outfits For Rosy/Roxanne Dolls £4.99 in argos was £19.99

Twin Pack of outfits For Rosy/Roxanne Dolls £4.99 in argos was £19.99

Found 27th Dec 2010Made hot 28th Dec 2010
just reserved one for my daughter as she had roxanne for her birthday dont think they are worth £19.99 but you can go wrong at £4.99


my two girls just the dolls for christmas so this would be great.

Great price! your right....not worth £19.99 but worth a fiver! reserved 2 as my 2 girls got Rosy for Christmas 2! x

My girl has rosy and roxanne which she loves so I've reserved a set for her, hopefully she wants them now!!

Thats my daughter just got the doll for xmas so this will be great..... must add tho its one of the scariest lookin dolls i've seen lol

Oh thankyou. Ditto the aboves. We got the dolls for Xmas so this is perfect for a fiver. No way worth £20 so this is fantastic. She will be delighted. Thanks

my daughter had these and be aware that the green fairy dress doesn't fit properly on the rosy doll, it is extremelly tight and has to be put on with the feet through first, my daughter lost her temper with this dress and we are returning them as it was difficult for me to stretch over the doll to make it fit.
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