Twin Pack of Travel Adaptors 10p instore at B&M

Twin Pack of Travel Adaptors 10p instore at B&M

LocalFound 30th Apr 2017
Twin pack electric travel adaptor plugs for ONLY 10p instore at B&M
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oops, accidentally voted hot, I know they have a CE mark and look like cheap imports from China but with no BS-kite mark, this is cold as there is potential for danger -possibly okay as a single use throw-away adapter in Europe
Ideal if you want to burn your house or hotel to the ground
For where? Japan, USA, Africa?

For where? Japan, USA, Africa?

Without looking it will be the default 2 pin for EU (also low current in India aka missing an earth pin) and a lot of Africa excluding South - 2 straight pins for the states / parts of Asia, but you will be able to twist them for NZ / OZ / China.

I have listed India, but really i don't think they will be designed for India..
Is it national then
Then you get abroad and they dont work.
The C E mark is China export
I think it should given a miss just cut the plug off and stick the wires in the wall socket holding it with a match stick lol
Just bought a set, need to book a holiday now so I can use them.
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