Twin pack Quality Street / Rolo Yoghurts 3 for £1 @ Farmfoods

Twin pack Quality Street / Rolo Yoghurts 3 for £1 @ Farmfoods

Found 7th Sep 2013
Farmfoods are selling twin packs for Quality Street and Rolo Yoghurts for 0.49p each or 3 packs for 1.00

The Quality Street are based on the toffee penny (basically the same as the Rolo yogurt minus the chocolate part)

Good dates on them as they are dated 23/09 for the QS and 29/09 for the Rolo


Beats the Sainsburys £1.09 for 1 or £1.00 for 2 (yes you read that right!)

did you buy them all? what weight are you ? are you aware of the use by dates?

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Yes i bought them all, but they are not all for me as we are a family of 4. So by the time the use dates come round they should be about finished.

Is this not a dessert? I don't think it's got any yogurt in it! Good price though...:)

Rolo desserts are pretty much the closest thing you'll get to an orgasm in food form.
I'm voting hot because you sir, are damn awesome.


It's only a "Hot Deal" when there's some left for others to buy. Good find for you though

Just because it comes in a small plastic pot doesn't make it a yoghurt (_;)

thanks op

Wow nice! hot thanks for posting
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