Twin Peaks: Complete Season 1 [1990] DVD Boxset only £17.99 delivered @ Amazon!

Twin Peaks: Complete Season 1 [1990] DVD Boxset only £17.99 delivered @ Amazon!

Found 9th Mar 2008
An excellent series for a very good delivered price! Review
One of the most influential TV shows of the 1990s, the first series of Twin Peaks has lost none of its quirky and queasy power to get under your skin and haunt your dreams. Without its groundbreaking mix of convoluted plotting, complex character interactions, surreal fantasy sequences and a continuous story arc, we would probably not have had The X-Files, The Sopranos, Six Feet Under or even The League of Gentlemen. So brew up a pot of some "damn fine coffee", dig into some cherry pie, and lose yourself in David Lynch and Mark Frost's murder mystery-soap opera, which unfolds, in one character's words, "like a beautiful dream and terrible nightmare all at once".
Twin Peaks was a pop culture phenomenon, for this first series at least, until the increasingly bizarre twists and maddening teases so confounded audiences that they lost interest in just who killed Laura Palmer (Sheryl Lee). This series was also a career peak for most of its eclectic ensemble cast, including Kyle MacLachlan as straight-arrow FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper, Michael Ontkean as local Sheriff Harry S Truman, Sherilyn Fenn as bad girl Audrey Horne, Peggy Lipton as waitress Norma Jennings and Catherine Coulson as the Log Lady.

On the DVD: Twin Peak, Series 1 comes as a four-disc set that contains the original pilot plus the first season's seven episodes (inexplicably, the pilot episode was omitted on the American Region 1 DVD release, but is reinstated here). Special features include episode introductions by the Log Lady, commentaries by assorted episode directors (but not Lynch), and features from the archives of the fanzine Wrapped in Plastic. The 4:3 picture has been digitally remastered, and is now accompanied by a Dolby 5.1 soundtrack. --Donald Liebenson

DVD Description
DVD Special Features:

Includes Pilot episode and all 7 episodes of Season 1
Released in Special Collector's Edition packaging with clear O'ring
4 DVD disc set (5.1) including one disc of extras:-
Deleted scenes and script notes
Easter Eggs and Log Lady Introductions
Postcards from the cast
17 pieces of pie
Mark Frost interview
Learning to speak in the red room


A good price indeed. However as far as I know Season two was never released in the UK. so a less frustrating alternative might be the Definitive Gold Box Edition. It's $72.99 at (obviously R1 NTSC) or £33.99 at Cd wow( this is the Danish Pal R2 version). I have the R1 set and it is superb, with some quite wonderful extras.…on2…THK

I think this is a greater deal...…on2

It's the WHOLE twin peaks tv show, including the european only pilot, it says it's the danish release, but i bought this two months ago and i got a full english language, region 2 version.. Hasn't got a uk release yet as far as i know.

and of course, you can use cd-wow vouchers/links to get a bit more off the price.
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