Twinings Chocolate Indulgence Hot Chocolate sample

Twinings Chocolate Indulgence Hot Chocolate sample

Found 29th Nov 2006Made hot 29th Nov 2006
Grab your Chocolate Indulgence sample now!

Just a few questions about yourself so that Twinings can send you a free sample and enter you into the prize draw for a years unadulterated luxury.

There are only 50,000 to go around and its first come first served. But dont worry if you miss out, youll still be entered into the terrific prize draw.


Thanks for this Worth trying out ;-)

Ooh, nice one, thank you! But if I do win "a years' unadulterated luxury", where exactly will they put my wife?

Cheers ordered mine


Thanks Premier :thumbsup:

Yum Yum... Thanks! :thumbsup:

Love hot chocolate,ordered thanks,voted hot



Thank you!

Waiting by the door with my mug and hot water....

thanks premier delicious find :thumbsup:

Thanx,nice fine:thumbsup:

Thanks,good find

Many thanks.:)

mmm lovely hot chocolate


Many Thanks

Nice one. The Mrs will like this. :-)

thank you very much

there all gone now!!!!

Never received mine!!

Ordered about 3.5 weeks ago as well when they had stock!

I have to warn you that this stuff tastes horrible, really bitter.

Mind you it will probably taste better to you lot because its free :santa:

Thanks, received mine today but havent tried it yet!

kewl hope mine is on its way then


Thanks OP, got mine today, trying it later!

Cheers for that just ordered mine...I've just got into their everyday tea bags

O I C this is an old thread...probably too late lol

got mine just before christmas thanks for the post!

yeah got mine have't drunk it yet thou!

Any tried theirs yet?
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