Twinings Everyday Tea Bags 320's Bogof £3.75 @ Costco Valid 19/01/09 to 01/02/09

Twinings Everyday Tea Bags 320's Bogof £3.75 @ Costco Valid 19/01/09 to 01/02/09

Found 14th Jan 2009
Costco instore only

Twinings Everyday Tea Bags 320's are £3.75 but from the 19/01/09 to the 01/02/09 they will be buy one get one free, 640 Tea bags for £3.75 that works out to just over half pence a Tea Bag.
Offer is in store only and is by voucher But they will have the voucher in store as you go in if you do not get one through the post.
Max purchase 15 deals per member.
This deal works out to around 62 pence a box of 80.

Not everyones cup of tea but it's all I drink.
I think I will stock up for the year :).

The best thing is I could get 15 deals "30" pks and no one would batter a eyelid lol. I do tend to get quite a few deals in costco when they are on offer and share them with my family. I have never been in there yet and they do not have any stock of a promotion they are advertising not like other retailers.


Nice one .. I need to go in and renew my membership so will be getting a few of these..

Heat added :thumbsup:

Just expect a few cold votes from those who get mardy because they don't have a membership card :whistling:

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Lol . I would not vote cold because I don't have a card if it was me. If I kept seeing good deals from somewhere and I could find a way to get in I would :). BTW there are many more deals in this voucher booklet they have just sent out for around the same time.

They have
ks jelly belly 1.81kg for £11.48
Always ultra Normal / long 4 pk
Buy 2 for £7.88

That's 8 pks for £7.88

Love this tea brand!! Best tasting by far! Good find - voted HOT!

You've obviously not tasted the best then - Yorkshire Tea.

Try it, you'll see.

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I agree Yorkshire tea is fantastic BUT too expesive and not on offer very often . These Tea bags are the cheapest I have ever seen @ this price. I used to drink PG Tips around 20 cups per day until I tried twinings tea in Ikea and liked them straight away. I will stock up for the year with these ,12 deals @ a cost of £45 . Not bad for a years worth of tea bags.
We do the same with toilet rolls when they are on offer ie: buy 12 get 12 free or kitchen towels. If it was not for these deals they have throughout the year I do not think I could justerfy the membership cost.
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