Twinings Swiss Chocolate Drink 350g from LIDL only £1.49

Twinings Swiss Chocolate Drink 350g from LIDL only £1.49

Found 16th Feb 2014
350g Twinings Swiss Chocolate Drink £1.49 from Lidl.
Found instore at Darnall Sheffield. I think it might be national.
I bought this yesterday to try and it was very nice. It had a June 2015 use by date so it's not short dated stock.
I've just been in Asda and saw the same Chocolate Drink on the shelf at £3.48. And, according to
it's £3.79 at Tesco, Waitrose and Ocado, so the Lidl offer is a real bargain.


hot, that is my favorite!

I stocked up when it was £1.99 a while ago. Need to go and buy some more.

Love this stuff!!

Hot. This is lovely hot chocolate. My kids love it too in winter nights.

better than aldi at £1.99, time to stock up

I got some yesterday in Stoke on Trent.

Absolutely delicious. Probably the most silkiest and richest hot chocolate I've ever had..makes Cadbury's taste really cheap.
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