Twinings tea bags half-price at Tesco - Old kent road - £2.50

Twinings tea bags half-price at Tesco - Old kent road - £2.50

Edited by:"seb"Found 28th Oct 2017

80s strong English breakfast, 100s English breakfast and 100s everyday twinings - all half-price instore at Tesco, old kent road yesterday..

even the 100s at half-price - 2.5p per tea bag - is more than my usual 1p per bag.

although I could tell the difference - worth it IMHO.
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This is the tea I use. Only Ringtons are as good. Better than Yorkshire Tea which has been hit and miss for last few years no doubt with corner cutting and poor quality workmanship these days
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I've never heard of ringtons until now :…-i1
tea's becoming quite a fashionable drink nowadays :
I prefer mine from whitechapel
Tesco and Waitrose £2.50 at the moment. I must try this one, thanks.
I normally get these on offer at Asda / B&M for £1.99 not sure if it’s on picked some up a few weeks back
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