Twinkies short date @ b&m £1.50
Twinkies short date @ b&m £1.50

Twinkies short date @ b&m £1.50

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Saw these at the checkout at b&m (the one with garden centre) on Stockport road.

Didn't see the date but says short dated, was a whole display full


Don't worry about the short date, there are so many preservatives in those things that they will still be fresh long after the human race has become extinct!

I'm sure that in military circles these are the remnants from 20mm depleted uranium armour piercing shells.

Health freaks are out. Shame people can't see beyond the back of a packet.

Can't beat an old Twinkie.......................apparently oO

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So many Twinkie haters in the UK. Maybe if I posted a deal for prosecco ...

but what are they

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Syrup covered sponge cakes with a creamy centre

You can not give anything but heat to these.

Two things will survive an apocalyptic event/zombie outbreak. One is cockroaches, the other is a Twinkie.

Heat from me my friend!

Good price, so if you like them it's a bargain.. but these things taste rubbish... £5 in my local tesco. Yankee neighbour bought some and gave me one, nearly threw it up afterwards.
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