Twinkies Twin Pack £1 @ PoundLand

Twinkies Twin Pack £1 @ PoundLand

Found 15th Oct 2014
I was in my local poundland and found twinkies twin pack for £1.00, not sure if this has been posted before, or if it is a local or national deal, this is also my first ever post so I hope it is good news for some, my local store is paisley and they had loads of boxes.
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10 for £2.99 in B&M. Not as tasty as I had hoped.

10 for £2.99 in B&M. Not as tasty as I had hoped.

I agree

I agree



I love them, didn't know b&m sold them, I'll be stocking up if they do, they were £7.50 at tesco, occasionally reduced to £5, US equivalent is only £2.50 tho ($3.99)
I seen the post for B&Ms the other week, but my local B&Ms didn't have them and said they hadn't had any come in and they doubt the deal would be available there, so I ruled them out and thought this would be an alternative to people who's local B&Ms didn't have them.
my b&ms didn't get them when first post was made here but they had them this week , its looking like the store has a American supplier
The boy who worked in B&Ms at the cake and sweets section said he had never heard of Twinkies before and had no idea what they were, I think the staff there must be buying them all and not wanting to put them on the shelves lol
What are they
**** product at a **** price.
Oooh I love them. I'm gonna check both places thanks. I normally pay 1.50 for one
Hi snowflake75 they are a cake from America, light sponge cake fingers with a golden syrup coating and a cream centre.
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