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Dauntless: Desperado Bundle - Free (For Twitch Prime Members) - Twitch
Posted 5th JunPosted 5th Jun
Presumably for all formats as you log in with your Epic Games account and redeem the code displayed on your Twitch Prime account. Unlock a piece of the Desperado armor set, plus … Read more
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Dam my prime just ran out :( anyone got prime but doesn't want the code ;) (y)


I had that problem, but I think I was trying to log in on the Epic website, rather than the link that OP provided. When i followed their link and used my epic login on the Dauntless site it worked ok.


If I see any :) Hmm that's strange, are you sure you copied it correctly, mate? I redeemed it last night with no issues.


hmm the code it copies is too long and i get error code 19007 :(


Nice find :) thanks

Rayman Origins - FREE @ Twitch / Ubisoft
Posted 3rd JunPosted 3rd Jun
Ahead of its E3 press conference this year, Ubisoft will host a speedrun of Rayman 2: The Great Escape in honor of the series turning twenty. On June 10 at 1:30 p.m. ET/10:30 a.m. … Read more

Yay got my copy


With E3 happening, I was too distracted to remember to do this. Oh well, think I already own it on Xbox anyway.


I think it's because I forgot to click on the accept button ;(


None that I know just have to wait a few days and hope it shows in your Uplay library, as long as you're activated on the Ubisoft Twitch Drops page and watched 30 minutes it should've worked.


Tooooo long! I'd rather pay the £3.74 than all this fuss. Still, thanks op, and I hope you guys got it.

Free Games June 2019 (Aegis Defenders , Stikbold!, 10 Second Ninja X & Metronomicon) @ Twitch Prime
01/07/2019Expires on 01/07/2019Posted 3rd JunPosted 3rd Jun
Twitch games for June have been announced (who knows if more will be added). It looks like the theme is Indie this time as some good games make their way to Twitch. I have quoted … Read more
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Sadly nothing that takes my interest this month but still appreciate everything they give away, got 32 games in my Twitch library which has saved me some £ from getting them via steam


Stikbold is absolutely amazing!


The only way this price could be better is if they paid us to get them...


I have no idea - it was in the deals but someone (sigh!) moved it to freebies :)


Has the freebies 'rule' changed? Didn't you have this in deals, where I thought it belonged due to a paid subscription? Heated.

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StarCraft II Package "Vorazun: Nerazim" Free @ Twitch Prime
09/07/2019Expires on 09/07/2019Posted 29th MayPosted 29th May
Twitch members can now unlock the Vorazun Co-op commander and announcer alongside all-new console skins and race banners. As part of this bundle, you get : Vorazun Co-op Comma… Read more
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I've been playing StarCraft for over 20 years now - it's still fresh & challenging. It's also now free to download! Heat added (y)


Starcraft is best game!


♥ Starcraft ♥


Thanks for the reminder!


Ooh nice!

FREE Crunchyroll: 30 Day Pass for Twitch Prime Members
Posted 16th MayPosted 16th May
Unlock the world's largest anime collection on Crunchyroll with an extended 30-day FREE TRIAL ( normally just 14-days ) to enjoy their entire library of anime, manga, and drama tit… Read more

if im allready a member does this work?


A fellow Islander, nice (y) 🏻


You're all very welcome! :D


Crunchyroll already give a free trial, wonder if can stack them


Great! Thanks OP (y)

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Free Games May 2019 (Whispering Willows, Stealth B*stard Deluxe, The Little Acre, Majesty 1 and Majesty 2) @ Twitch Prime
Posted 29th AprPosted 29th Apr
Twitch games for May have been announced (who knows if more will be added) - the details can be seen here and here Starting May 1st, members will be able to claim: Whi… Read more
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I haven’t looked myself yet (just registered for it) but assume it happens when you cancel amazon prime automatically


How do you cancel twitch prime. Been looking for ages there doesn’t even seem to be a way to contact them


Little Acre was a great point and click, really enjoyed that one when it came out


If you're on an Amazon Prime free trial, always remember to collect the Twitch Prime free games: you get to keep them after the trial has ended. (y)


Really shouldn't complain about free stuff but they're not as "wow" as some of the early titles we got with Twitch Prime

Arena Boros Legion Deck Free for Magic the Gathering Game @ Amazon/Twitch Prime
Posted 25th AprPosted 25th Apr
I don't know much about Magic the Gathering but this might be useful for someone :) In-Game Loot: Apr 25 – June 25 "Boros Battalion" deck, which is comprised almost entirely o… Read more
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Hi, I just wanted to ask if anyone has that promo code and does not intend to play the game? Can you share it with me?


Yes it is a very famous game, in the beginning it only had real cards, there are other Magic The Gathering games for PC or cell phone, but none is as good as the Arena, in my opinion I was really missing a good digital game of Magic


Yes! Its still the most competitive TCG today.


Pretty sure its the most popular trading card game, so yes, theres probably some folk playing it


Is there anyone playing this? I mean with real cardboard cards.

Joggernauts, InnerSpace,Keep in Mind Remastered  and Her Story (PC) Free @ Twitch Prime
Posted 1st AprPosted 1st Apr
Twitch games for April are here. The games included this time are : Her Story - Meta Score of 86 A Video Game About a Woman Talking to the Police Her Story is the… Read more
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her story is fantastic entertainment


Yeah it’s a great game. So under rated. I heard about it years back and then watched a video about it on YouTube (game makers toolkit) and then just had to buy it. Well worth a couple of hours.


It was really hard to repeat it after the Nintendo switch free offer indeed.


When you consider this game succeeds primarily on her performance and whether she can immerse you enough to actually act out a detective role, I think she really does some quality acting.


Amazing game. I’m gutted this is free as I paid 58p for this just before Xmas (lol) . Love her guitar playing randomness!

World of Tanks (PC) : Free Loot Starting With Care Package Charlie @ Twitch Prime
Posted 29th MarPosted 29th Mar
Twitch Prime have teamed up with world of tanks to offer some nice loot material starting today. Included in this month’s drop are: A unique decal to show who's the true king … Read more
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It says "LOOT DROPS AVAILABLE FOR PC" so I am assuming its PC only.


Last two were available for console too, why is there no mention of this anywhere? are they really excluding console for this one?


Just played my 47037 game. Wish I could find something else, the company is awful


Don't look back(I don't), plenty of other games to play :)


Finally I quit this sh*t after 6 years..

12 Months of Nintendo Switch Online Free for Twitch Prime members
Refreshed 8th MayRefreshed 8th May
Update 1
Those who have taken the 3 months, the extra 9 months is now available
For Twitch Prime members, claim 3 months now followed by 9 months afterwards. See link for details.
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Log out & back in again in the twitch page. Claim would not appear until I did this.


Thanks, but it still isn’t working, I am wondering if it is due to my two accounts, one American and one UK account. The online is attached to the UK account, I only needed the American account to download a particular game. However it is the UK account that gives me the error. The American account takes me through to entering credit card details for the renewal, but without a Zip Code I can’t authorise it.


Log into your twitch account then it shouldn't be greyed out anymore. It then takes you through to Nintendo online. Log in there and the offer will show (y)


I am getting this too. I emailed Nintendo and they told me to contact Amazon. Has anyone else managed to get a solution yet


No problem at all but I thought my my first 3 months were up yesterday and logged in to claim the other 9 months but it would appear not....

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Adjustment Bundle (PS4) @ Twitch Prime
Posted 28th MarPosted 28th Mar
On Twitch Prime you can get the Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Adjustment Bundle. Get the bundle with cosmetic adjustments. Now available on PS4 in the game. It should be available on… Read more
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Possible silly question, i have this on xbox, if i redeem now it just adds to my xbox version when available? (confused) (y)


They have also just released a melee weapon (hammer) that costs nearly £30. Rediculous. Hot for this freebie though OP


Thanks OP I really should check out Twitch Prime goodies out more often.


Oh so kind

Warface: "Mens Nanosuits" Bundle (PC & PS4 & Xbox One) Free @ Twitch Prime
Posted 12th MarPosted 12th Mar
You can have the nanosuit bundle for warface (all platforms) for free via twitch prime. Male Nanosuits Bundle provides four versions of “Male Nanosuit” body camo – one for each cl… Read more
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Anytime ;) maxmix


thx for the code m8


Not sure ! Not sure when the rest of the Bundles will be available ! Anyone any ideas ? PS If you want a set of 'Nuclear' guns for 7 days..... Got to Promo code and enter SIPS Hope that helps some of you Noobs :p maxmix


when will the female skins be released?


Permanent ;) Most Promo codes or Bundles are ! If it's going to be an active '3 hour' or '7 day etc' it will tell you when you apply the Promo code ;) maxmix

Snake Pass, The King's Bird, Kabounce, Star Vikings Forever (PC) Free @ Twitch Prime
Posted 1st MarPosted 1st Mar
Snake Pass, The King's Bird, Kabounce, Star Vikings Forever (PC) Free @ Twitch Prime
List of free games for the month of March. Snake Pass - Meta Score of 71 Think Like A Snake! When the tranquillity of Haven Tor is interrupted by a mysterious interlop… Read more
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included with prime , whats not to like!


Snake Pass is a good game.


ACG liked King's Bird a lot:


I always forget to claim these :/


The selection has gone downhill from previous months :(

Smite : King Arthur Bundle (Loot) For All Platforms Free @ Twitch Prime
Posted 28th FebPosted 28th Feb
Become Godlike in SMITE: Battleground of the Gods with in-game loot for Twitch Prime members. Available on PC, PS4, XBox ONE And Nintendo Switch The King Arthur Bundle includes K… Read more
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Not sure the King Arthur character was free, maybe it is, only just gotten back in to the game.


Isn't this free anyway? So the only thing you're getting is a few costumes.

League of Legends Loot - Free @ Twitch Prime
Posted 27th FebPosted 27th Feb
League of Legends Loot - Free @ Twitch Prime
NOW UNTIL APRIL 3RD GET FREE LEAGUE LOOT WITH TWITCH PRIME Get a random Permanent Skin, Ward Skin and Summoner Icon by linking your League of Legends and Twitch Prime accounts. O… Read more
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Didn't know about this - thanks for the info


Ah got a meh skin, oh well

Pokémon Marathon  - 10 new seasons, 11 new movies, and more badges to collect from 27/02 @ Twitch + Pokémon Day Deals (SEE OP)
Refreshed 27th FebRefreshed 27th Feb
Pokémon Marathon - 10 new seasons, 11 new movies, and more badges to collect from 27/02 @ Twitch + Pokémon Day Deals (SEE OP)
From 10am PT 27/02 (Should be 6pm UK Time 27/02) the above will be available. Pokémon Day calls for a Pokémon Marathon. 10 new seasons. 11 new movies, and more badges to c… Read more
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This is a ludicrous amount of Pokémon. I love a good binge but I wish they'd break it up into more manageable chunks!


Wish I started with that but my boy is 4 now and he won't watch any thing other than Shrek standard in terms of what the cartoon looks like. I have to sit through kinder egg videos and alpha blocks I grew up on Pokémon now I want him to catch em all but he doesn't want to become a Pokémon trainer 😪


I know what you mean. And yeah they make them for every new game, it must still have a decent following. I think Go came at the right time to re-invigorate the series as a whole. I remember finding a website back in the day that had all the episodes and movies, I'd watch them on weekends. Other people would be going through the series online at the same time, and you'd leave comments and chat about it. Feels very similar to what the Twitch streams are like


'used as treats' - is she a dog? :D


30 this year. Take me back to Pokemon red sat in my old mates living room for 8 hours a day on a weekend.

Apex Legends - Twitch Prime Loot Package WITHOUT Twitch Prime!
Posted 21st FebPosted 21st Feb
As you are aware from my previous post - right now you can get Free Apex Legends Loot from Twitch Prime - turns out there is a nifty trick someone at Reddit has found out to bag … Read more
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not working, for me however i have already claimed it on the PS4. I was hoig this glitch would allow me to get it on PC too. been a voyage to even get it working on an oldish laptop with windows 10 64bit but with only intel graphics. After a 20GB download and install it tells me that my graphics card doesnt support direct x11 ???? what the **** should it have told me that before i downloaded and installed it ??? not to be defeated a bit of googleing and a file from microsoft developers SDK allowed me to basically turn off all the error messages and then scale down the directx11 values and then a command line setting it to 800x600 resolution then seemed to at least let me start the game and try to claim the loot but alas that didnt work, however the other glitch for the 1000AC and the waepon for the origin access loot pack did work :) now to uninstall the whole piece of crap since its laggy as **** btw the command line glitches are not classed as a hack since you have not amended the files in anyway, and the command line options are an feature that are provided by the developers. Also although to settle the other argument others are havingthis action may kind of fit the dictionary definition of Fraud in a way however it doesnt satisfy the legal definition of fraud. First the party would have to prove that we lied or decieved them to get something which caused them loss, which we havent as nothing has been stolen the items are still on their servers and they still own them. Also they wouldnt be able to say they had a loss as the item is free and has no price so cannot have a loss associated.




Still works (y)


Looks like they revoked the items anyway



Apex Legends - Legendary Omega Point Pathfinder Skin and 5 Apex Packs (Loot) @ Twitch Prime
Posted 19th FebPosted 19th Feb
Twitch Prime members can pick up Apex Legends Loot - which includes 1 Legendary Omega Point Pathfinder skin and 5 Apex Packs for Free. Content will be available only on the first… Read more
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Literally the worst game I ever tried to play

Twitch Prime: NBA 2K19 - MyTEAM Packs(Xbox One & PS4 & Switch & PC) & Virtual Currency for Free @ Twitch
Posted 16th FebPosted 16th Feb
Twitch Prime: NBA 2K19 - MyTEAM Packs(Xbox One & PS4 & Switch & PC) & Virtual Currency for Free @ Twitch
In game loot Up your game in NBA 2K19 with 25,000 Virtual Currency and 5 Twitch Prime MyTEAM packs, each with a guaranteed Moments player ranging from Emerald to a chance at Diamo… Read more
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Hello, maybe anybody still have code and can send it to me please?


I don't need my code so first person who wants it :) : LDGUK-KPC7D-KYHKJ-JJAMQ-XEMS5


First to PM gets my code (y) Edit: Gone.


Could I have it please?


N636M-8VGMW-KSQP?-ZYWDE-4QHUM replace the ? with a number 1-9 and the code is yours, let me know if you got it so i know it wasn't a bot or something :)

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