Twix Peanut Butter Milk Chocolate Bars 47.6G - £1 @ Tesco

Twix Peanut Butter Milk Chocolate Bars 47.6G - £1 @ Tesco

Found 22nd Jan 2014
Not good for the diet but sooo good on the taste buds!! Reduced from £1.80
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yummy :-D
Its a trap!

Theyre going to suck you in to try them then when youre addicted they'll go back up to £1.80.

Off to Tesco I go. Then Im going to stop in at the bank and see about remortgaging my house.

Thanks a lot OP!

Edit: Heat for the PB!!!
Edited by: "ll_Lukey_ll" 22nd Jan 2014
OK so its almost double the size of a normal Twix but, honestly, £1.80?
Where from please? Really want to try them.
I'd love to try this, but £1 for a Twix... I'll wait.
My guess is theyre American imports, which would explain the price.

You get Cheetos in Asda, which are stupidly priced too. But for the novelty, rarity and one off treat theyre worth buying.

TracyR79 this deal is from Tesco
Just split a Snickers in half & melt it down, same taste, half the price!
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