Twizzlers 50p a bag instore @ Asda

Twizzlers 50p a bag instore @ Asda

Found 20th Apr 2013
Spotted these in Asda Blackwood but was a standard shelf price so should be nationwide, it's the big bags with about 10 Twizzlers in, they had cherry and original.
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I thought it was my childhood favourite, turkey twizzlers
had these in Florida. yummyX)
love these!! hope they've got them in my local
Red Vines FTW
Great price, these are a £1 for the pack with 3 or 4 in the USA section in Tesco.
Bought these today. Taste like plastic. No flavour. The kids won't eat them.
I wish turkey twisters came back!!
Ok, being from the States, the entire family was thrilled to finally see these in the ASDA candy aisle. Twizzlers have been the only US candy my family has really missed and we're always asking friends to send year round or buying on US candy websites here for stupid prices.

So of course I bought 10 packages the minute I saw them. Everyone, including the hubby, was so excited to get a package and smell that wonderful strawberry flavour when you first open it. What a disappointment and shock!

These are NOT the same as the American ones that we have always had and gotten through the sites. These were horrible and the after taste was terrible. Kids ate one bite and would NOT eat anymore. Took them back and even showed the store manager what the 'real' Twizzlers are and look like (I had 1 packet left).

Great price but If you are a true fan of strawberry Twizzlers, then DON'T waste your time or money. You will be sadly disappointed.
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