Two day return for only £44 @ Eurotunnel

Two day return for only £44 @ Eurotunnel

Found 24th Aug 2009
I have just back from a last minute weekend trip to Belgium. I spent all of last week trying to find the best deal possible to over to the continent and this was by far the best. As long as you return by midnight the day after you leave, you can get any train you want.

We left early on Saturday morning and came back late last night to get the most out of it. The cheapest ferry I could find to go over the same period was £90, so it in my opinion it's a great saving. OK, so you have to leave early in the morning, but if you are only going for two days it is worth it so that you can spend as much time as possible over there.


Is this for a car or just for foot passengers ? Thats a great deal , I have always fancied seeing the beaches in Normandy and all the war museums and memorials etc . thanks OP heat added and deserves to do well this deal.

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It's for a car, not a bad deal at all...

i can only find £44 each way.....?

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It depends on the time you go and how far in advance you book. When I looked the other day, they had some £22 singles at around 06:00 and from 20:00 onwards.

I am looking for a good deal for a 4-day return trip in October. Eurotunnel quote 97.-. Norfolkline (going to Dunkirk, North of Calais) 64.-. I'll post better deals if I can find 1.
EDIT: P&O offering 60.- return trip.
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