Two Dozen Large Free Range Eggs £4.00 Instore @ Tesco

Two Dozen Large Free Range Eggs £4.00 Instore @ Tesco

Found 1st Apr 2011Made hot 2nd Apr 2011
A Dozen Large Free Range Eggs for £3.00 Or Buy Two For £4.00


Eggscellent deal! I'll be eggstatic if I get this. Heat!

£1 for 6 large free range from Iceland for many months.

a cracking deal

Who needs 24 eggs though? Apart from cakemakers.

Worth shelling out for!

.... ... .. or 15 free range eggs at netto for £2

Or 2 dozen I got this morning for £3 at farm and picked my own you cant get fresher than that

Same deal on at Asda

Home bargains and lidl have free range eggs : half a dozen for around 89p: size will probably not be large though. I do not need 2 dozen eggs in fridge at one time

Only after they price matched ASDA. I prefered them at £3 each because then I got them cheaper with DTD.

Good deal.. Love my eggs!

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