Two Free 3 SIMs loaded with £10 airtime - free P & P @ Affordable mobiles
Two Free 3 SIMs loaded with £10 airtime - free P & P @ Affordable mobiles

Two Free 3 SIMs loaded with £10 airtime - free P & P @ Affordable mobiles

£10 airtime
300 Free texts
150MB Internet
Internet messenger
Unlimited 3 -> 3 calls
Free Skype - Skype calls

* Up to 1 Prepay SIM per household
* To get your £10 credit, please visit simregister.co.uk when you have received your SIM Card
* You will receive your SIM card within 4-5 working days
* Unlimited 3 to 3 calls is subject to a fair use policy
* Your 3 SIM will only work with a 3 mobile phone or unlocked 3g mobile phone

You can actually order up to two free SIMs (make sure you change the quantity to 2 in the basket), no P & P to pay.



Ordered one

only lets me have 1, but thanks

Although I've never dealt with this mob before, and ordered only ONE sin. my application was denied with the following:
Our system has detected that you may have exceeded your quota of Free SIM's,

I ordered last time, never received even i got email that sim has been dispatched.
I think they are collecting data.

i've used 5 different address's and bingo £50 free calling credit.:santa:


Ordered one

ordered 2 the other week and recieved them ok

Ordered one but it's probably just grabbing data as previously stated. Worth a try.

is there a time limit within which you have to use the £10 free calling credit within?

i have one of these from last time
it did come, its not collecting data lol. ive had many free sims from this site.
i got hte credit instantly
i also got the freebies. which was valid for 2 months
150mb net 300 texts etc. the credit is then used as normal after

i tried to order these but it didnt let me change my address after i typed my postcode it said swap address i clicked it and nothing nothing happened why is this im using mozilla firefox btw if it helps

Thanks. Just ordered. Wouldn't let me order more than one though despite saying i could order two. Heat added.
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