Two Free T-Mobile SIM Cards

Two Free T-Mobile SIM Cards

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Two FREE T-Mobile pay as you go SIM cards with a choice of three plans [see below].

* You and a friend can take advantage of T-Mobiles excellent pay as you go rates without being tied in to any contract

* Everyone call any network, any time for only 15p/minute
* Mates Rates call your friends on T-Mobile for just 8p/minute and 5p a text
* Text Appeal Texts for 3p to any network

* In addition to this, top up £10 or more on a Friday and youll receive FREE unlimited texts for the entire weekend

There are only a limited number of SIM's available...


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To order your FREE SIM cards simply fill in the form below. We only have a limited number to giveaway, so confirm your order now before it's too late...

Top up £10 on Fridays and get FREE unlimited UK texts all weekend (text FRIDAY to 441 to sign up.)
So you can text as many people as you like as much as you like all weekend - for FREE! No contracts, no tie-ins! Choose from one of our 3 great plans to suit you: Everyone, Mates Rates or Text Appeal...

Hot. Feebies that are worth something!!! Yay!

...SO this is where those over-inflated PAYG call charged go... Free sims! lol


[SIZE=2]Having compared all the pay-go plans from every network, as a almost absolute rule, T-Mobile are best value Especially when it comes to data too. It maxes out at £1 per day, at about the 25mb point. Anything under that is charged upto so much. Anything over is capped to the £1 point for that day. Great for people with data intensive Smartphones or wish to try and get online with their notebook somewhere (although officially you're not suppose to).[/SIZE]

voted hot thanks


Free sim cards always good, thanks.
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