Two frozen lobster tails, 230g, uncooked, Extra Special, for £4.26 @ Asda

Two frozen lobster tails, 230g, uncooked, Extra Special, for £4.26 @ Asda

Found 5th Sep 2016
These are usually £12 a pack, which is too much for me, but in my local store they have been reduced as the best before date is 09/09.2016. Might be available in other Asda stores. They are sumptuous and much nicer than cooked frozen lobster which tend to be a bit watery and have texture which is a bit soft. I concluded that the difference is because these tails are not cooked before being frozen so you get the firmness and great flavour as with fresh lobster. Very easy to cook in my halogen oven at 180c for 9 minutes on the low rack.
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poor lobster
Unlikely to be nationwide.
They were reduced because they where nearly out of date, my local Asda sells bread for 10p twenty minutes before closing but is it really a deal???
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Why would anyone create a thread like this for effectively yellow label food that will be out of date in a few days?

I saw about 50 food items in my Morrisons reduced by about 95%... I should've posted them all here
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Do you think the poor lobster knew it was "Extra special" before they blast froze it!
yer cheap but only in that store, LOB
Good deal if you can find them but they will almost certainly be sourced from Canada. I find all Canadian lobster tasteless compared to those caught of UK shores. I think they keep them alive on ice for several days to purge them before killing and freezing them and that's when they loose their flavour.
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